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Bring brightness to the highest point, then level up contrast and gamma a bit to adjust accordingly. You can add comments, titles and subtitles in any GoPro video editor with just few clicks. What we encourage you to try though, is playing with the settings to achieve impressive effects. Here are two tricks to apply in VSDC:. Text contour. Outline titles and intros in VSDC to make them look authentic in the picture.

Best Video Editor for GoPro Video Editing on Mac/Windows PC

You're able to choose the contour color and thickness. Video in text. This is a great effect for video opening or a transition to a new chapter. Even though it may look complicated, it literally requires just several mouse clicks and can be performed by a video editing newbie. Simply add text to the timeline, double click on its layer and add a video object. Make sure that the video covers the entire text, then click on "Blend" menu left side of the timeline and choose "source in". Here is the result you get:. In modern video editing software, it all comes down to whether you're going to publish your video online, or keep it to yourself on a DVD.

So when you get to the export step, those pre-configured output profiles - are the first thing you should look for. That means, the size, the resolution and the quality of your movie will be automatically adjusted for the particular social network requirements. One thing we want to recommend though - no matter where the video will go - is keeping the highest quality possible. Social networks, poor Internet connection or low screen resolution are famous for smearing visuals so much, it may spoil the impression of the viewer.

Whenever you have a chance to choose an export codec, go with H. It will compress your video to the minimum size while keeping the highest quality. Don't be skeptical about the program being default for its OS, because unlike Movie Maker, iMovie is a non-linear and overall much more powerful video editor. And by the way, it has a stabilization feature available to fix your footage if it's shaky. Whether you're shooting in 4K or not, it will read the footage and allow you to edit it. Although, it's important to mention that processing 4K will require additional resources from you computer and may not work as fast as with lower resolution videos.

How to Play and Edit GoPro Hero 4K Video on Mac El Capitan?

Then select "Import Media" button and select the video from your hard drive. Unlike VSDC, iMovie doesn't add videos to the timeline automatically, so you'll need to do it manually in a preferred order. Note, that you can choose to place files in a linear direct sequence, as well as non-linear indirect - say, if you want to create a picture-in-picture effect. As any other GoPro video editor, iMovie allows you to work with images and videos, cut and crop them, add transitions, add music to you clip and apply multiple effects.

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In the upper menu there are also built-in libraries for titles and movie backgrounds - quite handy! Color correction settings in iMovie are slightly different from what you saw in VSDC, but you can achieve great results if you invest your time in it. It's a common issue noticed by many action camera owners, that lenses can't always transmit the real picture perfectly, so footage sometimes comes out less colorful than you expect them to be after seeing the view with your own eyes.

Click on the "i" button on top of the timeline menu and you'll see a new window named "Inspector" pop up. Choose "Video" tab to open the color correction settings available. You can work with exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and RGB of course. There is also a white point adjustment circle at the bottom.

iMovie (Free)

Since - again - a picture is worth a thousand words in this case, below is a short video guide by Matthew Pearce about how to perform color grading in iMovie to make the image sharp, colorful and full of volume. To export a video, click on the "Share" button and proceed to "File". At this point you can choose format, quality, compression and resolution - including the native 4K if that's the resolution you were shooting in. As you probably have guessed, the higher compression level is, the smaller your file size. To make sure you minimize it without losing video quality, choose H. If for some reason, you think VSDC or iMovie are not for you, there is a number of other options for you to try.

And even though we won't go deep into reviewing each program, but we'd like to suggest a couple of them and at least save you some research time. Yes, you got it right. Although GoPro has announced Studio end-of-life for support, what it really means is that Studio is no longer bundled with Quik - the default software GoPro owners use for extracting media files from their action cameras, storing, organizing and sharing them. Quik has few very basic processing features - like trimming and adding music or text to your clip - but it can hardly be called a full-featured GoPro video editor.

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  5. Starting the latest Quick 2. Yet, it doesn't mean there are no older versions of the program available on the web. And it's actually great, because learning a new video editing program requires time and effort investments. So if you'd been using Studio for years and the news about its end-of-life broke your heart - we hope we've just lifted your spirits. Moreover, according to GoPro official F. It supports 4K resolution and overall has great format compatibility.

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    What is the best video editor for your GoPro footage? Check out these options.

    Quik makes it easy to access, edit and enjoy your GoPro photos and videos. Automatically import 1 your footage and create awesome videos synced to music in just a few clicks. Editing made awesome. Transform your GoPro footage into awesome videos with just a few clicks. Simply choose your favorite moments then pick the perfect soundtrack. Your video is automatically synced to the music and ready to share in seconds.

    Quik automatically imports 1 the files from your camera or SD card and keeps all your GoPro photos and videos organized in one place.

    How to edit/combine GoPro videos on a mac

    Share with friends. Or share your burst and time lapse photo sequences as unique videos.