Veetle hd not working mac

I forgot to say I connect the panasonic cam over hdmi and its i Wirecast allows you to use any frame size and data rate you can handle. If you have p source and want to stream p at kbps you can if you have the CPU, GPU and upstream bandwidth. Wirecast also has External Display Output if you want to look at prestream program on HDTV or large monitor adaptors may be needed depending on the monitor. Quality is combination of frame size, data rate, frame rate. This way you know you're maintaining a constant Bits Per Pixel as you increase frame size.

Actually the BPP can drop a little because codecs get more efficient as they increase in data rate.

Veetle -

So would be about right given the increased efficiency. Wirecast uses the same H. Wirecast works fine on JustinTV. They have Wirecast instructions. In fact with kbps I even get cutouts in the viewers end in regular jtv wide screen. In fmle I can only go as high as next is which doesnt work on jtv but I get about the same result. As I said before Im looking for something that in the viewers end would be lag free and have a decent resolution even on a 42 inch tv hooked up to a computer. A game streamed on their new twitch gaming site works pretty ok fullscreen though which is a bit strange though.

The resolution is not super but it doesnt lag. Anyway thanks again for the help and fast reply. It may be that JTV can't handle very high data rates and that may be causing lag.

Veetle not working

Livestream has a Premium service which allows HD streaming at p I believe. BitGravity may also allow HD streaming. Most HDTVs look fine at p. To maintain the same BPP as I noted above you'd need about kbps at x and might be able to drop that down to around kbps and note lose much quality. There are some providers that support Roku if you have viewers that have that box, which is designed to hook up to HDTVs.

Yes Livestream is besides veetle the best site for good video in the viewers end when it comes to webcasting, even their free service is pretty good.

Their expand feature allows pretty good quality but when it comes to fullscreen its about the same as the rest. Not many live casters there though its mostly prerecorded video. What I mean is on veetle you can cast pre recorded video using vlc from your desktop that looks really good in the viewers end even blown up fullscreen on any TV. Ive done it myself so I know it works and have watched lots of channels there that can do the same. What you need to do is no magic its pretty easy and with a good upstream speed you wont even need a powerful computer for it. You just make sure you have a high quality video encode it to H.

In the viewers end its pretty close to watching "real" TV and I know this cause Ive monitored my own cast pre recorded videos and other channels even using my old P4 PC with an old pretty outdated videocard hooked up to my TV. Thats when I started to look for other solutions for software for this and to test wirecast. So what you say is I should go for the premium services that provide HD streaming and that wirecast for sure are capable of doing this?

Could you please point me to a channel with live cams feed using wirecast that has good fullscreen video? This is only my hobby but the thing for me personally is to get the highest fullscreen video quality possible without having to spend a fortune on expensive gear. I really cant see the use of people having to watch a webcast in those small boxes you usually get. The gear I have should work for this as I see it so it has to be restrictions with in the software I use or in the services Ive tried boradcasting on so far.

Im gonna compare wirecast and vlc regarding casting the same prerecorded video no live cam feed only video to see what I get and report back here. And again thanks for the help I appreciate it cause I really want to try to find something that would work. Unfortunately on veetle it wont allow videos to be saved but Ill let it playback a while and hopefully you will check in here and jump over take a look. This is vlc only h. Theres no transitions between the clips at all so thats why the strange dsitortion between them.

On jtv its the wirecast demo and I must say wirecast handles video in fullscreen pretty good, not as good as vlc on veetle but pretty close. It doesnt lag but the resolution is not as good but in a way pretty decent. There's a big potential difference between live and pre-recorded video which can have a major impact on quality. Pre-recorded video can be encoded multipass variable bit rate. Live, is usually single pass constant bit rate. Live streaming, with some advanced technologies, can simulate multipass.

You also have to keep in mind that the free services may have infrastructure that limits the bandwidth regardless of what you send them. Ok thanks for making that clear to me I didnt know that. So it looks like Im not gonna be able to do it then, thats sad. Ive done a lot of reading and experimenting and my last hope was finally with wirecast.

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Hmm takes the fun out of it, there goes my plans of casting live music gigs down the drain I guess. Guess Ill have to wait a couple of years see what happens maby that technology will get cheaper over time. Thanks again for the good info. There are many people using Wirecast to stream live music performances. I believe kipdrapper look in Wirecast Windows forum does this almost exclusively.

There are people who do x streaming. The challenge is not quality so much as the bandwidth needed both upstream and for the viewers. It's not really a hardware cost issue at all. It may soon be possible with MacBookPro as well depending on the ability to have multiple video input devices on Thunderbolt ports. Doing this has never been cheaper.

Yes I know but I mean fullscreen good quality video, not even Bon Jovi did it on the Ustream cast they did a couple of weeks ago. Get me right here it was very good quality but not in fullscreen though. So with what you get today at least on the free casting sites I can cast among the best. My guess why they dont let us cast fullscreen is there would be no room for the ads then.

Im sure wirecast can do it it looks like a good program for sure.

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  • And yes its gonna be really cool to see what thunderbolt brings us. But I believe it is possible on a macbookpro to if you use Black Magic Intensity shuttle, its usb 3 but if Im not wrong there is at least 1 card for usb 3 for mac not sure though. And with the small boxes you get the quality is pretty good.

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