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Powered by the Parse. With versions of OS X There are several hints here that show how to do this it usually involves copying an existing iSync plugin for a supported phone and modifying it slightly to match the unsupported phone.

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I had happily been syncing my Nokia E60 in this way for many months. So I was very unpleasantly surprised to notice that after the OS X After spending hours trying to make this work, I crossed the pain threshold and bought a set of plugins from novamedia. Finally, after hours of searching, it turns out that Nokia now provides iSync plug-ins for a whole slew of phones, including models that Apple doesn't list as supported.

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My Firefox prevented the nokia popups from being displayed. And in case you are using a , like me, you might be interested in the followup I posted to Make a Nokia work with iSync [ Reply to This ]. Thanks for the info. Start to finish it took 15 minutes.

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Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: Password:. What's New: Hints No new hints Comments last 2 days These are not dedicated software to sync iPhone and Mac, however you might already have your account set up and in some case use these methods.

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It offers 5 GB storage for free and can be accessed from anywhere. Dropbox is a well-known service and is widely used. You can start with a 2 GB free space and store various files and folders there and share them with others. You can access your data from any computer or device that is online. Top choice. SyncMate 4. Olga Weis SyncMate Expert.

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Requirements: OS X Version 7. Download Purchase.

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