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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have reset the default keyboard in preferences and turned off the speech preference and changed the speech key. What is going on? How do i fix this? Posted on Oct 26, PM. Page content loaded.

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Oct 27, AM in response to moi In response to moi Try plugging in a keyboard -- if an external works fine, then it could be a hardware failure on the part of your laptop. Oct 27, AM. Oct 28, AM in response to moi In response to moi I recently posed this same question in these forums and got an answer that worked for me. And the Function keys are also there for speeding up things, too The option "Customize Toolbar Open System Preferences. From the shortcuts list on the left select "Function Keys" which will be highlighted. In the browse popup select VMWare Fusion.

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Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. An example of using the above would be to type ce to change to the end of a word, then type new text, then press Enter to return to normal mode. When you want to enter a newline, you may find that Shift-Enter or Ctrl-Enter works it should always work in gvim, but might not in a terminal, depending upon your system. If your Shift-Enter or Ctrl-Enter works, and you can get used to it, the above might be all you need.

Then Enter will always work as expected, and Shift-Enter will always exit insert mode.

How to fix ESC key not working in games / programs

The empty function returns nonzero true if there is no such mapping. Press Ctrl-Space to start and to stop insert mode the same suggestion using Shift-Space is above :. Or you may prefer to map Ctrl-Space to a rather than i so that repeatedly pressing Ctrl-Space does not move the cursor back remember that pressing I allows you to insert a character at the beginning of the line :. An alternative follows.

Also, why toggle 'insertmode'?

Knockoff Apple keyboard -Need to remap a key

Why not the following and similar for append :. Many people recommend exiting Insert mode if you use the up or down arrow to move to another line.

To do so, it is recommended that you add two lines to your vimrc:. These two lines mean that pressing ESC is no longer necessary, simply moving the cursor vertically will automatically do it for you. This works for most simple edits that one encounters but I often found myself having to edit a few lines in close proximity to each other. So this forced me to enter insert mode once for each line.

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And I would often move to the second or third line with the arrow keys and start typing but nothing would be entered. The fix I found was adding a few short lines to my vimrc:.

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This would allow me to enter Insert Mode and make any necessary changes within 3 lines up or down from where I started Insert mode. If I move further, it automatically returns to Normal mode. You may not find attempts to replace the Esc key satisfactory. However, if you don't like the cursor moving left when you exit from insert mode, you may want to try this variation from the Tab key section above:.

The above trick means that the cursor will not move if you press i to enter insert mode, then press Esc to exit. However, pressing a append then Esc will move the cursor, so this "improvement" may not satisfy you.