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That's exactly what happened to Soby's New South Cuisine , the restaurant credited with birthing Greenville's culinary renaissance. Since , Soby's has been serving up its famous crispy fried North Carolina-style chicken.

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Yes, you read that right: North. In fact, the recipe is probably the most read page in the restaurant's cookbook. Recently, in honor of Soby's 21st anniversary, chef Shaun Garcia added fried pickle-brined chicken sliders to the menu. But only 21 orders are available daily, so you have to get there early if you want one. Somehow, the North Carolina native manages to deliver a crispy comfort food that isn't greasy and doesn't leave diners with any regrets. The dish is served to share family style and comes with bread-and-butter pickles that are made in house.

Han Oak's Korean fried chicken played a big role in it being named Portland's Restaurant of the Year in It's so sought after that reservations are released a month in advance and only eight to 10 walk-ins are accepted each night. What makes this Korean chicken so worthwhile?

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It's chef Peter Cho's irresistible "essence of instant ramen" dry rub. Even though Cho lives on site with his family and is always around, don't ask for the recipe. It's one of the culinary world's best kept secrets. Bodega may be based in a speciality grocery store located in a small mountain town, but its seasonal fried chicken shack in the back has a big, nationally-recognized reputation.

In , Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles raised a lot of eyebrows when it introduced this strange salty and sweet combination to Southern California. Its founder, Herb Hudson, brought the concept with him when he moved from Harlem to Long Beach, bringing with him plenty of soulfood specialties. Today, there are a handful of locations and they're often the first place locals and celebrities alike head to for their fried chicken fix.

Not only is the fried chicken served at this iconic eatery in Georgia very tasty, but it's also served with the kind of southern hospitality that can only be offered by employees who have been with the restaurant for decades. Two of the waitresses at Mary Mac's Tea Room have been been working there for more than 40 years! Mary Mac's Tea Room opened in , and it's as famous for its chicken fried chicken served with white pepper gravy , as it is for its sweet tea. While you wait for your entree, order the fried chicken liver appetizer and be prepared to never look at liver the same again.

When the founders of Hot Chicken Takeover first experienced hot chicken while on their babymoon trip to Nashville in , they knew they wanted to bring it back to Ohio. We employ regular expressions to first parse restaurant reviews to extract dish words, and then utilize the processed reviews as training texts to learn embedding vector of each word via the skip-gram model.

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In addition, a nearest-neighbor like score function is proposed to rank the dishes via their learned representations. Prelimi- nary experiments are conducted on a real-world restaurant review dataset collected from Yelp Data Challenge. Dataset Our preliminary experiments involve a real-world restaurant review dataset collected from Yelp Data Challenge. We first choose the top restaurants containing the most reviews in the area of Las Vegas and then manually parse the menu of each restaurant from its official website.

Detroit, Illinois Chili dogs are a Detroit staple, though they're called coneys here. Head to American Coney Island for the best version, where the hot dog has plenty of snap and the chili is just the right consistency. Chili cheese fries on the side are a good bet as well. Wiscasset, Maine It's a good sign when a seafood shack has a constant line of people willing to wait an hour for their lobster rolls. Though the lines are Red's are long, the wait is worth it. One entire lobster's worth of meat is served plain on a grilled bun, with mayo and melted butter on the side, allowing customers to choose which adornments they prefer.

Paris, France The dish that opened the late Julia Child's eyes to French cuisine was sole meuniere , a simple preparation of sole filet with a brown butter sauce.

Experience the same meal at Le Duc in Paris. It won't be cheap, but maybe this classic dish will be just a revelatory as it was for Julia. Jakarta, Indonesia Declared the "world's best food" by a CNN poll , Indonesian beef rendang is a curry-like stew made with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, spices, and chilies. Sit down to a delicious version at Simay Restaurant, which has won several cooking awards for its recipe.

Whole ducks are slow roasted over fruit wood until the skin is crisp and bronzed, then sliced and served with pancakes and vegetables for wrapping. Da Dong serves a traditional version known for having very little fat left under the skin. Memphis, Tennessee Memphis-style barbecue ribs are known for their vinegar wash during cooking and dry rub seasoning. The folks at Rendezvous started that tradition back in Unlike most barbecue ribs , Rendezvous' are charcoal grilled instead of wood smoked for a unique flavor, then served with beans and slaw. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The spicy chicken stew called doro wat is one of the best things to eat in Africa.

At Kategna , it's served traditionally: A large platter lined with injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread that is used as a communal plate, and diners use pieces of the injera to eat the stew with their hands. Charlotte, South Carolina The shrimp and grits served at Hominy Grill is one of the most famous versions of this Southern classic. The creamy grits are made with parmesan and butter mixed in, and the shrimp topping includes mushrooms, green onions, and garlic. Johannesburg, South Africa Despite the name, bunny chow has nothing to do with rabbits.

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It's a popular, messy dish of curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread. Curry and All serves up mutton, chicken, and vegetable versions, all in a spicy brown curry sauce that soaks into the bread. Honolulu, Hawaii Like with long lines, if there's no place to park, chances are the food is great.

There are eight types of poke to choose from at Ono Seafood, all made with fresh ahi or octopus. The spicy ahi is a local favorite, coated in a mayo-based sauce with ginger and onions. Melbourne, Australia Named for a Russian ballerina who traveled to Australia in the early 20th century, pavlova is a plate-sized, soft-centered meringue filled with cream and fruit.

Gazi , a Greek restaurant in Melbourne, has a unique version filled with banana cream, peanut butter gelato, and fresh passionfruit. Copenhagen, Denmark The bucket list restaurant on every food nerd's radar is Noma. Often ranked the best restaurant in the world and awarded two Michelin stars, Noma and chef Rene Redzepi have reinvented Nordic cuisine with an ultra-local focus, including foraging. After a year hiatus and a relocation, the restaurant is back open and just as difficult to score a table at as ever.

It's super simple: just piles of freshly grilled beef, beans, and pico de gallo. Get it "super" style to add cheese, sour cream and avocado, and " dorado " style to get it grilled on the outside. There's no rice or any other toppings, besides hot sauce, to muddle the fresh flavors. Hyderabad, India Biryani , a spice-flecked golden rice , is a favorite Indian dish around the world. Hyderabad's Meridian restaurant serves a steam-cooked version that locals love, with mutton, chicken, or vegetables throughout the long-grain rice, often with hardboiled eggs on top.

It's deceptively simple-looking, but packed with flavor. Venture off to find chef Saipin Chutima, who won a James Beard Award for traditional dishes such as stuffed chicken wings, and don't miss the garlic prawns, deep fried with their shells on for crunch. Marrakech, Morocco The famous Moroccan dish tagine gets its name from the dish it's cooked in, also called a tagine. Couscous, spices, vegetables, and sometimes meats are cooked in the conical pot.

Taj'in Darna serves many types, including chicken with olives and preserved lemon, or an unusual version made with ground-beef meatballs and peas. Mexico City, Mexico Los Cocuyos is one of the most popular street-side taco stands in Mexico City, especially late at night. A bubbling cauldron contains piles of various meats, from chorizo to pig's head, all cooking together in a glorious melange of animal fat.


Order what you like and it'll be chopped and crisped on the griddle before being topped with radish, lime, and salsa. Atlanta, Georgia A Southern food institution since , Mary Mac's serves up some of the best soul food in the South.

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Opt for the "Southern Special," an all-you-can-eat family style meal for the table that includes such things as meatloaf, fried chicken, collard greens, hoppin' John, banana pudding, and peach cobbler. Hong Kong Hong Kong's dim sum restaurants, with carts full of bamboo steamers, are a dining experience like no other. Head to Lei Garden for an upscale atmosphere that's surprisingly unpretentious for a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Don't miss the lobster-steeped rice with rich orange lobster broth and crisped rice. American fast-food chains have spread around the world, but there are