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Together with the supplied non-earthed mains PSU the USB can't, unfortunately be buss powered and the balanced line-level outputs, it should ensure an absence of whistles, buzzes and hums when the is connected to a wide variety of external gear.

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There's also a separate headphone amp with its own independent level control. Monitoring can be switched to mono, which could be handy if you're recording vocal and guitar on different inputs and want to hear them both centrally in your monitors, or to identify mic phasing problems. The Direct Monitor signal even has its own rotary level control.

The supports bit audio at sample rates from The quoted jitter levels look similar to those of other Emu models, and overall the USB should prove easier to integrate into some studios than previous Emu interfaces.

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To turn to the 's frequency response, my tests with Rightmark's Audio Analyser showed that Emu have removed the HF 'droop' exhibited by previous interface models in their range. At a 96kHz sample rate the frequency response now extends to 37kHz Dynamic range is also good; not quite as low as the dBA I measured for the M, but very good all the same — and considerably quieter than many competitors — at dBA. Figures aside, it's really the sound that counts, and as my own Emu M has similar clock circuitry and converters from the same manufacturer AKM , I spent a long time comparing the two interfaces.

The differences were subtle, especially with stereo imaging, but I declared the M the winner for its more open and natural top end and more rounded bass both, I suspect, courtesy of its more sophisticated converters.

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A-D and D-A converters usually each impose a fixed 1ms to 1. However, USB and Firewire interfaces often employ additional hardware buffers, and a few less scrupulous manufacturers conveniently ignore these when declaring their total input and output latency figures to Cubase SX. I'm pleased to report that Emu have declared these extras accurately, so you know exactly what's what.

With a concise yet informative display, this control panel is a doddle to use compared with the sophisticated but confusing Patchmix DSP utility of previous Emu interfaces. Keeping the total input latency fairly low is important when monitoring with plug-in effects, and the extra 1. ASIO driver performance was good, running on my laptop down to its lowest 2ms setting, and giving a total real-world Cubase SX input latency of 3.

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Direct Sound and MME driver performance was also better than average, at 30ms and 45ms respectively, when measured using NI's Pro 53 soft synth. It's perhaps ironic that Emu have abandoned their DSP effects on the USB when other manufacturers, such as Focusrite and TC Electronic, are starting to include them in their interfaces, but many new users only seem to be tempted by onboard effects if they are of higher quality than the plug-ins they already own. There's also no denying that such features complicate the product, so the fact that Emu have dropped the Patchmix DSP mixer may actually encourage some new users.

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Overall, while the USB has Emu's high-quality 'house' sound, it has a markedly different feature set from previous products, that will appeal to those who prefer hardware knobs and indicators to software utilities. I'm pleased to see another USB 2. As long as musicians realise that it's not simply a desktop version of the PCI model, it ought to sell very well.

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However, possibly the closest contender is Edirol's UA25, which is the only unit to incorporate soft-limiting options like Emu's USB and has a similar price tag. Despite the confusingly similar name, Emu's USB is a completely new interface to its predecessor, with better audio quality and a very different specification that will appeal to those who prefer hardware controls over DSP functions.

Brief Technical Spec Sample Rates: Pros Lots of hardware knobs to twiddle, including output level, headphone level and monitor level. Mic and Instrument inputs have handy soft-limit option and high impedance for guitars. After you install: and M Users: Immediately after installing this upgrade, please be sure to turn the MicroDock off and then back on again, in order for the new firmware to take effect.

Driver Version 5.

Emu 0404 USB Driver, Manual, and Utility Download and Update for Windows and Mac OS

Windows Driver Signature When you install the Digital Audio System drivers, you will see a dialog box that informs you that the driver has not passed Windows Logo testing. The Digital Audio System drivers are not signed because the driver does not support some of the consumer audio features that the Microsoft driver signing program requires, most notably Digital Rights Management.

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  • Creative Professional E-MU 0404 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface - audio interface Specs.
  • However, the Digital Audio System drivers have been rigorously tested using the same test procedures that a signed driver requires, and it passes in all important categories, including those that measure the relative stability of the driver. It does not require that you had previously installed software from an original Digital Audio System CD, only that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. If you already have Digital Audio System Beta software installed on your computer, be sure to completely uninstall that software before attempting to install this software. Not all applications are compatible with bit versions of Windows.

    In particular, the following applications shipped as part of the E-MU Production Tools are not fully compatible with Windows XP - WaveLab Lite does not work correctly unless it is operating in bit compatibility mode. Emulator X standalone will run in bit emulation mode on bit systems. Before you install: If you have experienced a fault in any audio applications, you should reboot Windows before applying this update.

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    Exit all applications before installing these updates. Driver Package V1. If the version numbers below are higher then what you see in the About Box you should proceed with the update. Before you install: If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update Exit all applications before installing these updates Installation of Application and Driver can be done in any order This installer will automatically uninstall any older versions of software before installing new version. This greatly shortens PatchMix launch time on startup.

    New temporary session and session saving behavior. Application Revision History Changes from V1. Changes from V1. E-MU Suosituimmat tukitietokannan ratkaisut. Kaikki ladattavat tiedostot.