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You all know what happened next, I ended up with 57 MB left on it and every time I turned it on, it beeps and the status light turned red. After poking around, I realized 1 thing, the reason that it turned into 57 MB is because the Theta can not recognize the newly formatted micro SD card inside and switch to its fixed memory.

This is why the red light is on, the online manual did not mention this situation. I eventually fixed it by following Roberto Leone's well documented tutorial mentioned above and replaced the original micro SD card 8G with a brand new HC one 16G. I did try to reformat the original SD card to its factory default on my PC but it didn't work. With the new SC card bigger storage too! Problem solved. Hope this helps.

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After encountering the same problem - i. Instead of reformatting my Theta S drive, here is how I fixed the problem. Trashes' folder and under that found a '' folder. Contained in the '' folder I saw all of my files I thought I had deleted when previously using when the camera drive plugged into my Mac. I deleted those files and immediately got all of my storage space back. I went out and shot lots of new footage, came back, plugged it into my Mac not my PC which i rarely use and all my footage was there, transferred nicely and I'm all set.

I hope this solution will work for you who are struggling with this issue. File Buddy or MacPilot you can actuarily navigate to the above '' folder. If you dont have the files after a Hard format with disk utility? I had the same problem. Had deleted the files from a MAC.

By the time I had realized that I should not be doing this it was too late. PC would recognize only 57 MB Storage. The Red light would glow continuously. Performing a curl would give me the following result.

DiskStation Manager

Theta would not recognize this. Tried different memory cards. Nothing would work. This alone worked. Had a similar problem: Unity didn't allowed me to select the android-sdk path. I solved this on Windows by running as administrator the SDK Manager located in android-sdk folder and then I simply installed all the selected packages without system images, I just didn't needed it. Hope can help someone.

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Joined: Mar 12, Posts: 2. Joined: Apr 1, Posts: 5. Dav36id , Apr 4, Joined: Apr 20, Posts: 1. I have installed all of the things yet I still can't locate my sdk root folder. AnsonMustang , Apr 20, Joined: Jan 26, Posts: 3. Hi, I have this problem on Windows and solved it by following these steps: 1. Hope this help! RediGames and Yurasick like this. Joined: Apr 15, Posts: 1. I had to just type the path into the spot where you browse for the folder cuz I couldn't find the location from folder to folder. Joined: Aug 12, Posts: 1. Joined: Sep 17, Posts: 1.

Solved too. Joined: Mar 24, Posts: 3.

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Had this problem using commandline builds on osx: Unity "forgot" the placement of the sdk once the machine was rebooted. I solved it by placing the sdk in a "Shared" folder instead of somewhere inside a user folder. Joined: Mar 3, Posts: SniperEvan , Jan 27, Joined: Dec 9, Posts: 5. Joined: Apr 11, Posts: 5. Joined: May 6, Posts: 3. Timberduckk , Jun 9, Joined: Jun 1, Posts: 1. Joined: Jul 12, Posts: 1. Joined: Jul 29, Posts: 1. Ederdoski , Aug 1, Joined: Dec 24, Posts: 2.

Joined: Jan 19, Posts: 1. Copias la direccion que te aparece. Gerard89 , Jan 19, Joined: Jan 20, Posts: 7. When I tried selecting the Android SDK folder, it basically re-opened the explorer window pop up like if I selected the wrong folder.

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I re-installed the Android SDK, but found that it did not solve my issue. I moved the JDK folder out of the way, and it solved the issue. It seems Unity doesn't like extra folders in there. Farresto , Mar 12, Joined: Apr 28, Posts: 1. I've tried all of the above suggestions - with several version of unity including 5. Neither are working. I'm very new to developing but, please guys, is it this difficult? Is there something simple that I missed, please? RyanLBuchanan , May 4, Joined: Apr 13, Posts: Android Studio on April has introduced an incompatability with Unity3D. Joined: Nov 18, Posts: 1, Yury-Habets , May 19, Joined: Oct 23, Posts: That IS the effective way of solving this issue when you can't update your unity version in large projects that involve a huge amount of external plugins that will broke when you upgrade your project and where you can't spend the time to do that as you are running against time to get a build done But bear in mind, that this can break your android studio needs for the SDK.

You can later update to DoenitZ , May 25, Joined: Feb 7, Posts: When building the project it creates a different AndroidManifest. That's how I noticed this bug. I suspect latest Unity fix that allows the use of new SDK tools is the culprit. When using tools I'm attaching a zip file with two manifest files taken from StatingArea for the exact same project and the only difference is the tools version. PixelEnvision , May 28, PixelEnvision this is extremely interesting.

Is it the same for you on an empty project? Maybe the new tools enable some new functionality in your project? Maybe you enabled some new services? Since I've seen something like this mentioned - can you please submit a bug report? We definitely don't want this permission. Yury-Habets , Jun 22, Yury-Habets thanks for the reply. I haven't tested it with an empty project and unfortunately there is no bug report as the project is very big and I didn't want to submit one without a repo.

And for above files, I even didn't close the unity editor.

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  8. I've just replaced the tools folder and re-build. On another note, I'm currently using Unity 5. Reverted back to So, it looks like that problem doesn't seems to be fully fixed now.