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Before you install, always make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements. You need Mac OS X If your operating system is older, you can install an earlier version of Reader. Note: Not sure which version of Mac OS you have? Go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader download page and click Install now.

If you're running Mac OS X You can install an older version of Acrobat Reader. Note: If you do not see this dialog box, another window could be blocking it. So it won't overwrite the older Reader. You can have both installed at the same time, though I can't imagine any reason to do that. One of them is enough. If you really want to have it remove the older application, that's certainly doable. Thanks for sharing your scripts joe.

I'd get the latest URL echo, but then output in terminal would stop. I ran it again, and it detected that it was installed! Just FYI. The default handler update not be needed, because the DC version uses the same identifier as the non-DC version, not sure if deleting an app will revert this to the Preview app or not.

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Recently however, I have seen some oddities What do you think The user is actually running a newer version that the script is returning As you can see above, the client is v I made a couple small tweaks to use with my EA:. I must be dense Changes to: line latestver - added a 'cut' to the end line removed 'sed' command line remove the second 'sed' command line removed seems to work fine without it as line 66 is the same line commented out, added additional line for 'umount' command found it worked better. I wish there was a like button Hi ryan. That is strange joe.

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I'm not sure there is any work around for Adobe screw ups. I can only assume they released '77 and then pulled it for some reason. Is your whole fleet running '77? Just want to chime in to say I have seen the same issue with one of my own scripts that updates ReaderDC. The current version posted from Adobe seems to be. I'm pretty sure Adobe's built in update system prompted me to install. This is unfortunately, one of the main issues I've run into with the scripts I have that auto pull down updated applications.

We're at the mercy of the developers to spend 2 minutes to update a site that they just don't seem to have the time to do. Incredibly annoying. Let me start by saying thank you to joe. The script has been working great on the majority our machines in my school district. I have run into some that Fail to run the script successfully though.

I am getting the following error:. It seems that the Adobe Reader. I am not a script writer; but how would you go about adding something in the script to first check for and close the app, and then continue with the rest of the script?

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Any assistance would be appreciated. Long I see where your going. I'll put it on my to-do list. If yes, pop up a box. Button 1 continue quits Reader DC or button 2 exit quits script. I'll have to think about putting some time delay in it or looping it. Let me know if you have other thoughts.

I think they way you've described it would be a good idea. That is if I am following your correctly.

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I am assuming the 2 buttons are for the user to choose between. So not to kick them out of anything important they maybe working on. Also, I just wanted to mention that in my case, it wasn't Reader DC that was running. It was good old Adobe Reader 11 that is causing the issue. I've taken the work joe. I also add an alternate download in case the client can't download the full installer.

The attached photo shows what it looks like in the policy logs when it runs successfully I have since changed the exit codes, so it should show 0 instead of 1 now. This is awesome.

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These could really be the answer I have been seeking to all these teacher that never logout or restart their machines. I think I'll give it a test run here in our environment. Thanks so much. PhillyPhoto Way to go! I do like the logging you built in! So far testing is working well.

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I had a user that I was working with that wasn't getting the download with the first or second URL. It turns out, when he went home it worked. I then realized that some users might be connecting to our in-office WiFi network that only allows internal connections Citrix gateways, etc and that's why it was failing. You may not know what a PDF file is, but you've probably come across one at some point.

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PDF files are used by companies and even the IRS to distribute documentation and other pieces of information about their products, and Adobe Acrobat Reader is the essential interpreter. Acrobat integrates directly with your Web browser, so if you come across a PDF document on the Web, you can view it directly from within your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser window. Acrobat also makes printing much more practical, by guaranteeing that the printout will look exactly like it More Adobe Reader Adobe Reader 9.

You can add your suggestions to the right. Be the first to add it to a collection! Create a Collection by bringing together complementary apps that have a common theme or purpose, then share it and discover new collections! Acrobat also makes printing much more practical, by guaranteeing that the printout will look exactly like it does on your screen. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update.