Clone mac hard drive mountain lion

This is the hard drive you want to clone.

How to Clone Mac OS X to new HDD or SSD

After you have a source, select the Destination. This is the ssd you want to save the backup image to.

Clone hard drive using only Disk Utility?

After you did this, everything will be exactly like on the old HDD and no more configuration has to be done. OK, this comes close to a new installation, but at least it should be bullet proof and you will have everything like before.

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While the cause to this may be an error on my side, some people might have the same problem.. The solution was to shrink the Macintosh HD partition on the local disk to a size smaller than Gb using Disk Utility which is quite a fast process. After doing this cloning to the Gb external disk went without problems.

I just did this. When I rebooted, the machine found the regular hard drive now in the optical bay, and booted Mac OSX from it like normal.

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Both drives are available in Finder. I had removed all of my virtual machines from the hard drive first, so there was only GB of files on the hard drive. Transferring that to the SSD took about 30 minutes. Once the machine was up and running on the SSD satisfactorily, I copied all of the virtual machines except one back to the old GB hard drive.

I want to clone my entire hard drive to a new hard drive or a new machine

Disable or sleep secondary hard drive in Macbook. Here's the new configuration Spinning disk can be dismounted and spun down on demand, saving battery. You can do the copy from a current OS X install, but not the one you're copying from since a running OS constantly modifies files, therefore risking corrupting the copy or using the Terminal Disk Utility from Lion Recovery. Note: I didn't test this myself. But you could definitely try: since it's a copy, you don't risk anything.

As always, a proper backup would prevent you from mistakes. More information on the boot process on Intel Macs can be found here. Edit: After Manuel's response, and checking with small disk images on a backup drive, it seems that Disk Utility is filesystem-aware, which allows it to copy files from larger volumes to smaller ones, provided that the contents fit the smaller drive. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Re-installing OSX Lion is not an option. Click Restore and you'll end up with a perfect copy of your hard drive.

Disk Utility's Restore Function Lets you Create a Bootable Clone

Replace the drive with the SSD and your good to go. Manuel Manuel 1 1 bronze badge. Is Disk Utility capable of cloning drivers of different sizes? Especially from a larger disk to a smaller one?

Clone hard drive using only Disk Utility? | MacRumors Forums

Even if the data is cluttered around in the larger drive? It's not a clone then.

Unless you like the crazy interface and restore features of Time Machine, or prefer something with a more simplified online backup option like Crashplan or one of these syncing file services , maybe you'll want to try something else. But CCC can backup to drives anywhere on else on the internet and you can use backups to restore old versions of files—just not as elegantly as you might with other software.

Everything it does it does well, so there's little to complain about.

The main issue we now have with Carbon Copy Cloner is its price. It's still our favorite app, but we'd like to see it somewhere around half the price. The upside, however, is you can still download the older version for free. While it isn't supported in Mountain Lion, it appears to be working fine. This may not be the case forever, but for now it it isn't a problem.

If that ever changes, we hope the price drops to something a bit more reasonable because we'd love to support the software. It is a capable drive cloner free of charge, but to get features like scheduling, scripting, smart updates, and more, you'll need to pay the fee. While it's certainly capable of cloning and syncing drives, it's definitely a full-on backup utility that can handle things like complex file comparisons, data filters, and pretty much anything you could need.

If you need a backup and cloning app that can do practically everything, ChronoSync should do the trick. While it copies file-by-file, rather than block-by-block, it can generally get the job done so long as you're not trying to clone the disk you booted from. While we'd highly recommend using CCC instead, seeing as it's also free, if you're in a pinch and can't download another app this is an option that will always be available.

So is the dd command , which is a better choice if you're comfortable messing around in the OS X command line. Lifehacker's App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories.