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How to Move an Off Screen Window Back Onto the Active Mac Screen in Mac OS X

With Lion or later, Apple took the plunge and provided the ability to resize a window by dragging any side or corner. This simple change lets you size a window by expanding or decreasing just the side of the window that needs a bit of adjusting. For example, if a window has some content just beyond its right-hand edge, just drag the right-hand side of the window a bit to see the entire content.

Move your cursor to any side of a window. As the cursor nears the edge of the window, it will change to a double-ended arrow. Once you see the double-ended arrow, click and drag to resize the window.

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Resizing also works on the corners of a window, letting you resize in two directions at once by dragging diagonally at a window's corners. This is the standard window resize method that has been present in OS X since day one. The new window resize feature is a nice addition and an easy one to master.

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But Apple always offers an additional twist to keep things interesting. A nifty new trick is to resize all sides of a window at once. This keeps the window centered at its present location but allows you to increase or decrease the window size by expanding or shrinking all sides of the window at the same time.

To perform this trick, hold down the option key and then click and drag any of the corners of a window.

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Hold down the option key, and then click and drag the window by either side. The window will stay centered while opposite sides expand or contract in relation to your mouse movements. So far, we've seen that you can resize a window in Lion using any edge, as well as any corner. If you hold down the option key, you can also resize a window by expanding or decreasing opposite sides of a window at the same time.

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This method keeps the window centered at its present location while you adjust its size. The option key isn't the only key that holds some magic for window resizing; the shift key does, too. If you hold down the shift key while you expand or contract a window, the window will maintain its original aspect ratio.

In order to implement Coherence view mode we would forcibly cut the Mac screen so that Windows applications' windows would not go under the Mac menubar or under the Dock. So the real screen resolution available for Windows Virtual Machine was x - Mac menubar 22 - Dock area 68 , which, in effect, equals to x It perfectly worked for Windows guest Operating Systems from Windows XP to Windows 7, however in case of modern Windows versions it could sometimes cause issues especially when working with Windows full screen apps.

That is why the decision was made to fully adopt native Mac screen resolution for Coherence view mode. Let us go back to our example: we have a Mac with default screen resolution of x Now we use all Mac screen for working with Windows applications.

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So now Windows applications can behave just like Mac applications: they can use all working area and even go behind the Dock. You may have noticed that even though Coherence view mode can now work with all Mac screen, Windows applications are still limited by Mac menubar and the Dock, i. Windows Taskbar is designed to stand outside the working area and it itself operates as a delimiter of the working area.

That is why it inevitably goes to the bottom of Mac screen as it does on standard Windows screen and thus gets overlapped with Mac Dock. If you'd like to cancel the subscription to this article, follow the confirmation link from the email we've just sent you.

Resizing Your Mac's Windows With New Tricks

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