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This is a good project for someone who wants to learn Cocoa programming. Both my mother and grandmother want windows style solitaire on their macs, and grandma has had her mac for years. She still doesn't like anything but microsoft-style solitaire. The original Windows 3.

Spider Solitaire Game

I'm sure one of us can reimplement it on the mac. Just thought you might want to know that for Vista they completely rewrote Spider Solitaire. The graphics are entirely different, and you can "take back" a redeal or a card take. Still the same game, but it doesn't look the same.

Den Beste at PM on February 7, Have you looked at Burning Monkey Solitaire? It's what my mother-in-law bought when she got a Mac.

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Is it a question of exact rules? Exact functional behaviours for example, if you right click a card, it does X?

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Or exact right down to the appearance of the cards and the hideous green colour? What is it about old ladies and that game? My mother was also obsessed with it. Deluxe Spider Solitaire achieves this with minimal bells and whistles.

Spider Solitaire for Mac?

The background of the game can be changed from a plain colour to a background image, and the backing of the cards themselves can be changed from a selection available in the settings. There is statistics tracking and an undo feature, although there is no option to save your progress to continue later. Deluxe Spider Solitaire is not without issues. The visuals on offer are uninspired, and the animations are slow.

Also the snapping feature, where a card you are moving will snap to a nearby location, is incredibly glitchy, and can cause the card to jump around and even affect your score. If this game were free, it would be a good offering, but as a paid game, it lacks those little extras that make it worth buying.

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Softonic review Spider Solitaire is perhaps one of the most popular variants of Solitaire, and Deluxe Spider Solitaire brings the fun of this that solo card game to your computer.