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Installing the update on a Q10 once the download has completed is also quite slow, and took another 45 minutes — involving an extremely slow reboot. Access to the Amazon Appstore opens up a large library of Android apps. For instance, British Gas Hive heating control app is available, as is the Endmondo sports tracking app. But since there is no access to Google Play Services, users will not be able to run any apps that use Google services such as mapping.

Also, a quick search showed that the Amazon App Store is more orientated towards games and movies than business apps, which may not be available from Amazon. Technically it has always been possible to sideload Android apps — but this may break corporate IT policies, and there is no guarantee the apps will work.

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Among the key features is a new user interface, the BlackBerry Priority Hub for prioritising email correspondence and BlackBerry Blend. Blend — which Computer Weekly covered in its review of the BlackBerry Passport — brings messaging and content from the BlackBerry smartphone to computers and tablet. It allows users to receive instant message notifications, read and respond to work and personal email, BBM and text messages.

The user can access documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on any device running Blend. The other big benefit of Blend is the ability to connect remotely to the file system on a running device, such as logging into a work desktop from a smartphone, tablet or home computer. BlackBerry version It completely refreshes an existing BlackBerry smartphone. Computer Weekly was really looking forward to the BlackBerry This means some users will be tempted to sideload Android apps, which could put their organisation at risk. The one big positive is BlackBerry Blend, an excellent cross-platform unified communications and file manager client.

Please check the box if you want to proceed. A comprehensive change management plan was critical to the success of SoulCycle's big shift to the cloud.

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Due to its open source nature, Linux is constantly gaining new capabilities. You should see it in the app menu, as well as within the Playbook App Manager window. It remains to be seen if people will be willing to buy into the Blackberry 10 platform on the basis of being able to run Android apps.

What about you? Would you switch to Blackberry 10 if it was available? Let me know in the comments. Image Credits: The blackberry Via Shutterstock. Your email address will not be published. The company I work for has been converting people to Apple or Droid phones and recently stopped using the Blackberry email service. I would much rather still be using a Blackberry device, but there is no way to use the Good app. Can the Good email app be ran using the method in this article?

Unless I was lying throughout the entirety of this article I wasn't , you can take it as a given that you can sideload Android apps onto your Blackberry 10 device. HI Matt - I know this article is a bit dated but hopefully you can assist.

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  5. Do you think the steps you outlined here would work for installing this Application onto my Blackberry Classic? I hate to have to get rid of my personal device if I can't load this App to access work e-mail.

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    I did this for my playbook which links via bridge to my blackberry curve The curve is a decent telephone, and the fact that it effortlessly shares its data plan with the playbook is a huge win for me. I'm certain this is the future: a little phone that works as a phone, and a bigger tablet that uses bluetooth to exploit that data plan. An interesting alternative is a big decent sized "phablet" that can use a small bluetooth earpiece as a phone.

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    I have an old Samsung Yepp P2 that can work as a tiny bluetooth phone, it's awesome! But in this scenario you must always lug around the phablet, which sucks, for instance, if you want to go kayaking. But the crux of the matter is that people have to expend effort to set up Android apps on Blackberry OS10, when it is effortless if you just had an Android OS phone or tablet, or phablet. Blackberry OS10 offers the opposite of convenience and that's why they have no sales and are subsequently falling apart.

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    Face it, if Blackberry OS10 can run Android apps then by definition, it must either be another flavor of Android or darn near the same thing. In that case they may as well run Android OS and load apps natively, and effortlessly. At least they didn't become like Nokia and start running Windows OS. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

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