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Braid jumps to the Mac

After Xbox live and PC, it's now finally available for Macs, and happily, nothing has changed. The first thing that jumps out at you in Braid are the gorgeous graphics. It has a wonderful hand drawn and painted look, which sets it apart from most of this genre. The music has kindergarten feel, which adds to the overall cuteness of the game although it's a little eerie backwards. Some people might find this aspect grating, but if you can take the tweeness, it's a really interesting game.

Like a million platformers before it, you have to rescue a princess by running and jumping your way through a series of worlds. The unusual thing with Braid is time. If you die, or make a mistake, hit Shift and time will reverse.

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Some objects are unaffected by time shifting, meaning you can move something, then travel back in time and it will remain in its new position. Some levels up the difficulty, where walking right moves time forward, and left backward. Braid is really inventive with the time mechanic, it feels really fresh and stretches your brain a little. For the hardcore platform gamers, the only real criticism is that the jumping feels a little imprecise sometimes, but it's hardly a big issue and doesn't spoil what is one of the best gaming experiences you'll have this year.

With its thoughtful story, beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay, Braid should be top of everyone's list of what to play next.

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Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Games Braid Enter the weird world of time manipulation Braid is an enchanting indie platform game where you have to manipulate time to solve puzzles and save your princess. Created by Jonathan Blow and Number None. There is no filler. Braid does everything it can to give you a mind-expanding experience. After much discussion, we whittled that list down to just 13 that we deemed worthy of our Editors' Choice Award" Macworld Editor's Choice Award "Braid's artistic design is as imaginative as its puzzles. The whimsical world looks like a painting come to life.

Braid plays beautifully, with each set of levels having their own mechanic which affects the playability.

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Just to give you an idea, the challenge time to complete the game is 45 minutes. You can play it over and over. Just like the Van Halen albums from the s. You could listen to the entire album in less than 30 minutes, but you could just play the thing all day.

And it was good. Braid is also good. Much less anger and profanity-inducing as Super Meat Boy. After buying a new mbp for school, I decided to use 10 dollars of the dollar gift card given to me on this game.

Enter the weird world of time manipulation

Being a full time student, I don't have all too much time to play, but I have definitely played enough to say that this game is great and very thought intensive as the puzzle-like game-play get increasingly difficult as the game progressses. I would deffinitely recommend this to anybody who is up for challenges that cannot be solved in one sitting.

Just a warning though - this game probably is not the best for quitters or people who get easily frustrated, because some of the levels may appear impossible to naive eyes. I've actually finally beaten the game and discovered that there are some hidden stars located around the world, which together are supposed to make the andromeda constellation, which goes to show that there are tons of things to do in this game. Get this game!

Truly an amazing game.