Kaiser baas tv tuner mac drivers

Now you will need to install the TV tuner driver as per the instructions below, either for the 32 bit system or the 64 bit system. To determine whether you are using Windows 7 32 or 64 bit please open the Start Menu, right click on computer and select Properties. The version will be listed next to System Type.

Kaiser Baas Tv Tuner Driver

Windows 7 โ€” 32 Bit 1. Insert the disk supplied in the box with the tuner.

Mac TV Tuner, No Hardware Required - TV Tuner For Mac

The disk should run automatically. If so click Run setup.

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Follow the on screen prompts to select the language and click Next. On the welcome screen click Next. Select Custom and click Next. On the Install Location screen click Next. If it does appear, select Install this driver software anyway. Please note it may take a few minutes for the installation to complete.

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  • A message will appear stating that the installation is complete; from here click Finish. Another screen will appear recommending you to restart; select Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click Finish. Wait for the machine to restart. Windows 7 โ€” 64 Bit 1. Click the Download button. CHL file stored, I can't find it anywhere on my computer? Thank you, David McKeand. This happens to me sometimes and it is a tuning problem , sometimes you have to rotate the aerial to receive different channels, ie CH 2 will be ok but nothing else so by turning the aerial ever so slightly you may pick up other Chs but lose CH 2 if you follow me , In the country where signals are weak you may to do this.

    Are the drivers for windows 10 ready? Sorry, but I only have Windows 7. It states that it works under Windows 8 but doesn't mention Windows You may like to send them an email and ask direct. All the best. My question was about Windows 10 use of the Kaiser Baas Radio. It only has 4 x USB3. The supplied TV software doesn't work at all, but by doing a dodgy search Google!

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    I did not install any drivers for the TV stick as Win10 automatically found and installed the working drivers. Hope this helps. Cheers Captain Kayos. View 2 more answers. Please try Windows 8 Driver and see if that works. In any case Windows 10 Pro is still a work in progress so it may work when the finished version is released. Incredibly the tiny indoor aerial supplied with the TV stick gets better reception than my roof top aerial - amazing!

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    Really pleased. I only need to figure out how I get the battery compartment open on the remote control!

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    Bit Lazy Kaiser Baas. Not a good way of looking after customers. Thanks for reading. It does say however that it is compatible with Windows 8 but not sure about the pro version. I've never tried these so can't comment on how good they are or aren't. I did try a couple with my first TV card a long time ago. They worked ok, but for me, Windows Media Center works well, is a Windows product so integrates well with the system.

    It has been seamless in my setup, both with my TV card and now with the stick. Other programs may include a variety of other features, but for my uses, Media Center works very well. However, Windows 7 came standard with Media Center. If you don't want to shell out the extra money, then do a search and I'm sure there would be a few free ones out there. The above link I got to through a previous products link.

    The above support link is still there so they haven't abandoned it all together. Apologies for the late reply I haven't tried it on Win 8. The media center is an excellent program for TV - not so sure about the radio component. I haven't really had a chance to try any other programs I just haven't had the time to go exploring Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went Hi Currently Windows Media Centre is not provided with Windows 10 and I believe it won't be part of the final release July 29th.

    Could someone please tell me why the tv signal drops completely out on my Kaiser Baas tv stick when I plug in the laptop power supply? Hi, As the power supply and TV Signals are not interrelated , there won't be any interference to one another.

    Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal

    If you are using the small portable antenna, that could be the case. A roof mounted antenna is always recommended. If you have a TV with an external antenna, try unplugging the aerial connection from it, and putting it into the TV stick. If the signal comes back, then there must be some interference between the power supply and the antenna you normally use. Have you tried changing the USB port that it is plugged in to?

    Have you tried restarting your laptop with it connected to the power supply and the TV stick connected? Then try moving the cable around and see it that makes a difference.

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    Good luck and I hope you find a solution. Can I record to my computer in mp2 using this as a tuner and Windows Media Center as the recorder? The show is recorded in. You just need to run the tuner setup in WMC and it should recognize the stick automatically. You can then record shows manually or schedule the recording. The way I have things set up, is I will use the TV guide to select the show I want to record and then I'll set the computer to sleep. When it is time for the show, the computer will awaken, record the show and then sleep again. Not sure why you want to record in MP2 as this is an old format.

    Do you mean MP4? WMC will record the shows using a. WTV format. In order to convert these into another format, you will have to find a converter. Just do a search on something like, "convert wtv to mp4". Hi Terry, Thank you for your question.