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From what I can glean on the WD site you have to add someone to share and they get a url to follow to WD's set up site and there they set up their account and in that process they get a username and pass to connect to the MyCloudHome. Maybe someone who's mastered the setting up of the MyCloudHome will see this thread and be able to shed some light. I got infuse to work with my wd mycloud home by using my admin user name and password. The same as you use to access the web interface. So email address as user.

I had to leave the workgroup field blank. That's really odd I don't think I can help.

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I asked WD support as well. They suggested using guest as user and no password. Maybe try that. Otherwise out of ideas.

It always tell me to insert user or psw. I managed to solve it!!! All folder have in public and now i see that. Not error for push public. For me It doesn't work, actually it's worst because it says "an error accoured", user and password I put it's correct because it didn't gave me error. Just a suggestion, but maybe try and reset the admin account password via the WD admin pages. You can access it with a web browser on the same network - just type in either the IP address of the NAS or the network name - usually its 'wdmycloud.

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When you initially set up the NAS it should have asked you to create users and change admin password etc I think. I've got three of them, all with additional users set up, all with additional shares, and all connecting to infuse happily over SMB using anonymous login.

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If you can't login via the web page using the admin account due to incorrect password then that's probably your issue maybe you changed the password and forgot it. You can do a soft reset using the pin at the back of the box to reset accounts won't delete your data. Interesting - it seems the mycloudhome doesn't support a webbrowser dashboard! I have the mycloud and mycloudmirror - both of those do support it.

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Yes, via app I can access the MyCloudHome, but the only thing I can do is upload files and create link to share them, nothing else. On the iOS app 1.

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Connect to your mycloud 2. Click the menu button top left three lines on top of each other 3. Hit the cog wheel next to your mycloud 4.

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WD My Cloud Home connection error. Log in.

WD My Cloud Home connection error

Joined: Oct Posts: 6. Kudos : 2. Joined: Dec And I never rely solely on the cloud. I always keep backup copies on storage devices that I have complete control over. But I can access it from the Internet—from a PC, smartphone, or tablet—just like a cloud service. And I can create user accounts with passwords to allow family, friends, and colleagues to access specific folders, so we can share information or media and collaborate.

I can also transfer files between the My Cloud and cloud-storage services, such as Dropbox.

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As it turns out, the My Cloud series is replacing the My Book line, and the new desktop and mobile apps WD is launching alongside My Cloud will also work with the older drives. WD offers mobile apps for the Android and iOS operating systems, which helps solve another problem many of us face: data fragmentation caused by having stored files on multiple devices.

Install the apps onto your smartphones and tablets, and you can send all your media files over the Internet to your My Cloud. I just wish my digital camera was smart enough to support an app that could do that yes, I should buy a Wi-Fi-enabled storage card. When the Lab benchmarked the My Cloud, it delivered very fast file-transfer performance, reading a 10GB collection of files at It performed equally well with a single 10GB file, reading it at an impressive Relying on a single-drive NAS for backup or storing critical data is a little risky, however, since you stand to lose everything if the device fails.

Should the drive fail, you can recover all your data—including all your backups of your client PCs and Macs—from the safepoint on a healthy drive. WD plans to offer two- and four-drive units down the road.