Which mac should i buy for college

The iMac can handle that, with one RAM slot tied behind its back. Multimedia development?

71% of College Students Prefer Macs Over PCs According to Jamf Survey

Piece of cake. Of course, the tradeoff is a more expensive Mac that is, for all practical purposes, tied to one spot, and cumbersome, if not impractical, to move around. Best use: The iMac can be used for just about any educational track a student may be on, including those involving advanced degrees. It also makes a great home computer for primary and secondary educational use.

Proceed with caution : Due to its large size, a supplemental device, such as an iPad or iPhone, is recommended for use in classes. Mac Pro There was a time when we would have recommended the Mac Pro for graphic design, music production, video production, science, and technology.

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But that was a while ago. If you need the performance of a Mac Pro, a properly equipped iMac or MacBook Pro should be able to meet your needs in school.

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You may even find that one of these newer Macs configured to your needs may actually outperform the older Mac Pro. Best use: If you already have a Mac Pro, we suggest updating RAM and storage to make it a serviceable option for school use. Also, because the Mac Pro is a desktop machine, you may need to add an iPad or iPhone for note taking and other in-class activities. Name required. Email required.

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Apple’s best MacBooks, iMacs and more

When we tested it, the MacBook Air was good enough for watching videos, working in Photoshop, word processing, and web browsing — it even had the best battery life of any other MacBook. Wondering about the inch MacBook?

Apple MacBook Air (2017)

The MacBook Pro is your best bet if you need serious power. Before that, in May , Apple updated the rest of its Pro range to come with faster eighth- and ninth-generation Intel Core processors, meaning better performance and more bang for your buck. So, which MacBook Pro model should you choose?

MacBook Pro 2018 - My Student Perspective

In our estimation, there are two main choices: inch and inch. Not bad! The notable update to the entry-level inch MacBook Pro makes it a little harder to justify the more powerful inch options. The entry-level device is now plenty capable enough that if you want a proper boost in performance, you really need to start looking at the inch models. There are two options here, and both come with the Touch Bar, four Thunderbolt 3 ports and 16GB of memory. The main differences lie in the processors, storage and graphics chips.

Both models were given updated processors in May , letting you choose between a 2. You get more bang for your buck compared to the high-end MacBook Air, and its new quad-core processor will make a noticeable difference compared to its previous dual-core chip. For more professional Mac fans, we recommend the inch MacBook Pro. It could take the place of the inch model, or could be something entirely new. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss.

Best MacBook depending on your curriculum (when portability isn’t the most important)

That makes now the perfect time to get a new…. Read the full review: iMac Pro. The only thing that would make this better is if it were fitted with full-fat U-series quad core chips, rather than the Y-series dual-core fanless processors. Read the full review: MacBook Air Future University. Shopping around for the best Mac? Amazon Prime Day might have a great deal for you. MacBook Small and stylish.