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You need to create a new localhost MySQL server connection,for that click on a new server. Now a config. The process of setting up Virtual Hosts is done easier in the Terminal using nano with sudo or as a root user. In this file example domain already given for our reference. Add the following code in your virtual host file.

In the above example, we create test. To solve this, you need to add in a virtual host for localhost and declare this virtual host before any of the others, in the same file:.

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If your machine is only in use by you and the web server will run only under your account then you can change the user. You will get a bunch of user groups, you need your primary user uid and group gid names. I will reply to you ASAP. I am iOS Application Developer with an aspiration of learning new technology and creating a bright future in Information Technology. January 14, at pm. There is a program that I need to be able to run.

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Unfortunately I have reached a deadend after one of the steps. I have created the config. Any hints as to what to look for? February 25, at am.

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Try these steps : 1. Make sure that mysql server is running.

Setup Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin On MAC OS X El Capitan

After setup, move config. February 25, at pm. March 14, at pm. That option seemed to be removed.

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Suppose your MAC has ip: Your team mates need to fire up If you want this directory to be accessed via internet. You need to open port 80 on your router and forward it to your MAC ip-address. You can find more info from your router vendor. Say your static live ip from ISP is Followed instructions to the letter so no idea why it is not working. April 14, at pm.

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July 6, at pm. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, cool free stuff updates and new released products no spam! Jan 09, Milan Sanathara Apple First fix the MySQL socket error if you have not done first fix that. Allow the virtual hosts configuration from the Apache configuration file in httpd.

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How to Set Up PhpMyAdmin on MacOS Sierra

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