Mikrotik limit bandwidth per mac

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Queue (speed limit) by MAC address - MikroTik

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Solved: How to configure per IP bandwidth in Mikrotik Router

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Limiting Bandwidth per device/mac address

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3- Create Parent queues

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Mikrotik Limit Speed Facebook

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Here I will show you a simple way that does not spend a lot of resources from the mikrotik router. To limit the Internet bandwidth on mikrotik winbox on the computer client is required absolutely, to avoid bandwidth waste and monopoly of the internet connection at any time. Limiting bandwidth using mikrotik winbox much more efficiently than do the limitation from each computer client. To limit bandwidth of the internet connection on the computer client you only need to know the IP address on each computer client of the network of lan or wlan.

After you know the ip address of the computer client, then we will set up the list of Simple Queues on the Winbox. First you must login to the Winbox and then will appear as shown as the left picture below. On the main menu click on Queues tab, the window of Queues List will appear as shown as the middle of the picture below. Number 1 is the name of the computer client that you want to limit the bandwidth.

It's up to you give any name that you can manage by yourself. Number 2 is the IP address of the computer client that you want to limit the bandwidth Number 3 is the maximum of download and upload speed limit. After completed the three variables above and then click Ok. At the window of the List Queues there will be a new simple queue that you created. Do it in the same way at client computer other that you have and you want to limit the bandwidth. Now we will create Simple Queue and give high priority to marked packets and other packets low priority.

In this example we have 2Mb WAN connection.

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