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With the Siri app now an official fixture on MacBooks and iMac Pros that have macOS Sierra or later, the issue of how to use Siri — and set it up in the first place — is very straightforward:. Among the handy Siri tricks out there is that you can use the app to open up other pieces of software for you, as per the example below. There are many more cool Siri tricks than just that though!

Possible things to ask Siri, with some being more self explanatory than others, include:. No article on the Siri app could be complete without a few quirky questions to ask Siri that result in hilarious or absurd outcomes. Requests like these may seem frivolous but they really do, in a primitive form, represent early interactions between the masses and robotic intelligence. Not to suggest that you try to make Siri your new best friend — you surely have enough friends without adding the Siri app as a virtual one — but it certainly does set an interesting precedent for human—robot relations!

As easy as it is to use Siri on Mac, the app has its limitations; for the most part, its interaction with non-native Mac apps is pretty shallow. In a few years you might be able to ask Siri to use CleanMyMac X to run a Smart Scan on your Mac but omit all photos and music because you plan to manage those yourself. Likewise, with the integration of image recognition software, you could use your voice to indicate the content of photos and the desired enhancements to be made to them in photo-editing software like Photolemur.

Partnering up artificial intelligence with the likes of Hey Siri on Mac, which can currently be a little bit linear, offers an intriguing look at how fiction that deals with the not-too-distant future could easily become reality.

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They are also getting better and better at what they are designed to do. But as time goes by, Siri will become adept at learning to answer more complicated questions. The integration of advanced artificial intelligence is exciting, or a little scary depending on who you talk to, and offers almost unlimited potential. Deeper integration of Siri with apps is almost certainly one of the next steps Apple will take with Siri. Giving third-party developers access to that toolbox could make for some truly next-gen applications.

But best of all, the apps mentioned above as examples for Siri integration are available to you on a free trial through Setapp , a platform with over cutting-edge Mac apps and tools that can bring the future right to you right away. This is different on Catalina. There is no box for enhanced.

Activating Siri

I got it working first try on MacBook Pro, I would advise trying again and starting from the beginning. Most likely there is a step that has been missed, skipped, or error somewhere along the way. Some of the steps are not covered in the visuals, so go on the text instruction. But to me, Hey Siri is not that useful on Mac.

How to Get “Hey Siri” on Unsupported Macs

I have it on the iPhone and use it to check weather and that is about it. Thanks for your reply. And not in the smooth way doing it that one device stops when on another device Siri was activated. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Ask Siri to find files on your Mac

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