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All devices that conform to what is commonly referred to as the " version 1 USB 3. Hubs that conform to what is commonly referred to as the " version 1 USB 3. The first device you plug in will configure the port, so always connect USB 3-capable hubs or devices first. If you plug in a USB 2 hub first, all devices connected or "daisy-chained" to that hub will operate up to the maximum transfer rate of USB 2 speed Mbps. Your device should be backwards-compatible with USB 2 ports.

However, you won't get USB 3 speed and power may be limited to mA. USB 3 is supported natively in Windows 8. See Boot Camp: Frequently asked questions about installing Windows 8 for more information. If the device end of the cable fits into the connector on the device, yes. However, because it has fewer wires, you won't get USB 3 speed and power may be limited to mA.

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Some virtualization software doesn't yet support USB 3. Contact the manufacturer of your virtualization software for more information. Some USB 3 devices can generate radio frequency interference that can cause Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices operating in the 2. Here are some tips to avoid this issue:.

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How to Use a USB Memory Stick on a Mac

Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. What is USB? What is USB-C? What version of USB does my Mac support? What transfer rates does USB offer? USB 2 can transfer data up to Mbps. USB 1. What USB 3 devices are supported? Are USB 3 hubs supported? How do I get the best performance from the USB 3 ports? Usually have a blue insert. Once mounted, it will appear as a white icon on your desktop. If you want to rename the USB drive, simply click the icon and type the new name in the text-field. Save files to the USB memory stick.

USB-C to USB Adapter - Apple (TH)

This can be done in two ways. If you already have a file saved you want to transfer to your USB drive, simply click, drag and drop it into the USB drive icon displayed on your desktop. Once dropped into the icon, a status pop-up window will appear, displaying a bar that tracks the status of the upload.

For larger files, this process can take up to a few minutes. Open files saved to the USB memory stick. Open a new "Finder" window and find the USB drive icon shown in the left sidebar.

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Click the USB drive icon to display its contents in the main window pane. To open any of the files, simply double-click their icons. If you want to transfer one of the files to your computer, you can click, drag and drop the files from the USB drives directory to your desktop or any of the directories located in the "Finder" window's left sidebar.

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