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You must know both the user name and password for this account.

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To check your user account for administrator privileges, on the Apple menu, click System Preferences , and then click Accounts. User accounts with administrator privileges have the word "Admin" beside them.

Installing VirtualBox and Windows 10 on a Mac

For more information about Admin accounts, see Mac Help. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. In the preceding table, click the language version you want.

VMware Fusion: Powerfully Simple Virtual Machines for Mac

Follow the instructions on the screen to save the file to your hard disk. If you are using Safari, the file is downloaded to the desktop unless you specified a different folder in the Preferences dialog box of Safari. To check your preferences, on the Safari menu, click Preferences, and then click General. If you are using Internet Explorer, the Download Manager saves the file to the desktop unless you specified a different folder in the Preferences dialog box of Internet Explorer.

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To check your preferences, on the Explorer menu, click Preferences , and then click Download Options in the left pane. Depending on the Web browser that you are currently using, this step might be performed for you automatically. Double-click Update Virtual PC to start the update.

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Fast Save Now you can shut down your virtual PC in one easy step and easily relaunch right where you left off. Simply stated, Virtual PC 7 puts the application to sleep so you can easily get back to your Mac.

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Better Graphics Handling Virtual PC 7 delivers faster, cleaner graphics with a screen that redraws more quickly and graphics that are more responsive. Expanded Preferences Sounds, toolbars, shortcuts, memory and even dock inclusion are found in the new Virtual PC 7 preferences and settings, giving you exceptional control over your Virtual PC experience. Improved User Experience An all-new setup assistant guides you through a simple, intuitive installation process. The step-by-step Getting Started Guide provides user-friendly help, and once you are up and running you can take advantage of the easier printing and expanded preference options in Virtual PC 7.

Cut and Paste Between Platforms Virtual PC 7 and your Mac share the same clipboard, making it easy to copy and paste between programs no matter which platform — Windows or Mac — you are using. Share Folders and Removable Media Share folders and other media between platforms.

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Simply save files in a folder on your Mac and retrieve them from within Windows. Read more. Search Downloads.