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Generic low density sometimes does not work with some specific type of motherboards. We do offer the upgrade as option - if you wish, and there is no additional profit. You only pay for cost difference. Option 2: Upgrade Memory upgrade from Major manufacturer as specifically recommended by Manufacturer. Price difference is high but then you know it is what you have been asked by manufacturer to have. I prefer Crucial memory, it has always worked well for me. I used to buy direct, but the discount isn't what it used to be.

Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably getting trounced by cheap Intel hardware

I shop Amazon, NewEgg, and ebay, but always buy Crucial. So far, it hasn't let me down. I bought these for one of my mac mini servers. Looking forward to never cleaning gutters again.

This Mac Mini is in great shape and runs great! OS X Mac Mini 2. Support for Apple iPhone headset with microphone. Mini DisplayPort with support for up to by resolution.

Only 1 left! RW DVD player. Excellent condition. Mid Mac Mini 2. Condition is Used. Unlike earlier Mac mini models, which use a polycarbonate case, the "Mid" line uses a "Unibody" case -- milled from a single block of aluminum -- with a "spin off" black plastic base on the underside that makes it easy to upgrade the RAM. Mac mini is in excellent working condition, there are no problems, everything is working properly. Fresh thermal grease. Is Used and great condition. This Mac Mini is in good shape. DVD drive is not functional. Monitor, keyboard, mouse.

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Any extra cables or adapters. Anything not shown in photos or listed above. Mac Mini 4. VGA adapter and power cord included. We love what we do and we do it with integrity. We are accountable, and approachable. We'd love to hear about it. Having an issue?. We want to find the solution. High Quality. We will make the situation right, or help you to the best of our ability.

Am I crazy to consider a 2012 Mini for home server?

Other than processor, these two models are identical. Good used condition. One small chip on corner near CD slot. I was able to turn on and run however was not able to factory reset it.

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It turns on and runs. You receive 1 Mac Mini with a Power Cord.

Unibody Redesign

Only 1 left! All components work well. The Mac Pro Server has a quad core 2. The hard drive was wiped, and a fresh install of OSX Mac Mini i7 2. Painted surfaces clean. Cleaned internally and externally. Works fast and furious at low temp range even when full on stress testing. Monitor, keyboard, mouse. Any extra cables or adapters.

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Anything not shown in photos or listed above. Mojave OSX freshly reinstalled. This Mac mini has been a sturdy workhorse for years. One of the last reasonably-upgradeable machines Apple built, this will continue to serve you long into the future. The Mac Mini is in good condition with a few scratches on the bottom black cover.