2011 mac mini ssd install

Just curious.

Mac mini (2011) SSD upgrade or not?

As well do I need to buy a new OS? I would like to do this because my local apple store told me that they do not do as I want, only memory upgrades.

Apr 30, AM in response to den. Apr 30, AM. Apr 30, PM in response to belto In response to belto. Apr 30, PM. May 1, AM in response to den.

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May 1, AM. May 1, PM in response to keg55 In response to keg May 1, PM. May 2, AM in response to den. May 2, AM. May 2, PM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister May 2, PM. Aug 15, AM in response to belto In response to belto. Once you've plugged in the SSD as an external drive, use disc utility to initialise it. Then I rebooted fro the external SSD, which ran fine.

It probably spent a few hours overnight rebuilding the Spotlight database and running some other backup checks, but by morning all of the housekeeping was done. The results were exactly as I had hoped—the Mac mini is like a whole new computer, fast and responsive. Support this Site Become a Six Colors member and get access to an exclusive weekly podcast, community, newsletter and more.

Puzzle solved: A faster Mac mini server Image: iFixit. Yes, any SSD will work. Just make sure you upgrade to the drive's latest firmware version after installation. As for OS install, I put the old drive into an external enclosure and booted from its Recovery partition. But I should have researched better. David Hodson davidhodson. If all you're doing is replacing the hard drive that's already there, then you're just performing a basic hard drive swap.

Make sure you've got the right size a standard 2.

I personally prefer to just use a Time Machine backup to restore to the new drive. I have become aware that the OS install is quite a bit different for Lion than for Leopard and Snow Leopard, thanks to the other people providing answers. I would trust someone more fluent in Lion than myself for OS install tips, but my answer about the physical hard drive is still correct. Check this out , everyone! Pretty slick, isn't it?

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Those are ThunderBolt speeds! And some of the better ones at that!

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This is off-topic, but boy does the extra 4GB make a difference when you're dealing with the OS paging to the rpm stock drive. Doesn't have to be OWC's. It can be a couple of OCZ's or a set of Intel drives. Incidentally, if anyone has any questions about OS X I have been using Lion exclusively since Dev. Preview 4 and the installation shouldn't get in the way of this at all.

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We should be fine. I've also been an enthusiast when it comes to SSD technology for a while. My first one was the 1st gen. In fact, the initial firmware crashed my then-ThinkPad laptop and it took a while to remedy the issue.

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Anyway, as we talked about, to get one of these bad boys into the Mac mini is relatively easy, as you're just doing a swap. I'm going to need that 2nd drive in my mini! And the second empty 2. Yes, I get it, it's the "server edition", which "doesn't need fancy graphics", but come on, Apple Assuming that my assumptions are correct - and I genuinely hope that I am wrong - the question becomes as to where, o where, can we obtain one of those proprietary?

Sorry for my long post We must tackle this issue together because if we fail to do so, the tyrants will have won!