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Good idea to make Boo a separate book. I guess I could make a family book each year and then a special book for each child. I have had many a conversation with friends over this subject! Gets a little overwhelming! What kind of external hard drive do you use for your Mac?

Thanks again for the post! Jordin, I kept individual scrapbooks for each of my kids for their first two years. This is awesome and it came at the perfect time! Thank you so much for sharing! Now I just need to force myself to sit and organize everything! One of my major tasks for the new year!

Organize and find your photos

Thanks for the great post — off to share. I plan to catch up in january and then stay on track for ! I did the Stacy Julian photo-something class and one more step that she does or one more that I picked up from her is to add a highlights folder to each year. The highlights are the photos you print.

So you feasibly could keep multiple digital versions on a DVD helpful for scrapbookers. But you get a little more ruthless with the highlights. Love the size space saving but still a little attached to an actual photo. I might have to try iPhoto though since it seems a little easier than other programs I have used. I am planning on making Blurb books for each year instead of traditional prints.

I love photo albums, but I love the bound books that look so nice on the shelves, and they take up a little less space. They are pricey, but probably work out to similar to what I would pay for all the prints, albums and my time putting them together! I seriously need to do organize, back-up, and remove some of my photos from my computer. Every time I open iPhoto, pictures of college and other ancient nonsense comes up. What method or machine would you recommend for the best quality and price? I definitely need to do something with my pics. It would take so much time, but I want the pictures to look their best.

Thank you.. Then, will work on this Project!!.. On, My Heart!.. Nov, 2 , ,.. I, give , you Kudos,.. Left Handed we are not.. Organized Thinkers!!!

My, R Brain.. This is such perfect timing. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the power is restored at home when I can get my Mac desktop back up and running. We are dealing with Sandy, but so lucky to be staying with family who have power and Internet. I do have one question: when organizing the events in iPhoto — do you create new monthly events for the photos? This way you keep all your original photos in their original events, and then create the monthly events just for the photo book?

How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos

Thanks for sharing! Love all these ideas. My son is about the same age as Boo, and I love the idea of including artwork and their quotes — because God knows something hilarious comes out of their mouth almost every day! Oh — and I thought of one more question I love picking your brain because you already have so any organizational systems in place!

Using Apple Photos To Organize Your Family’s Photos

Or just include a few of those pictures in your yearly books? Pretty much exactly how I do it! But I am a nerd and add events per month too, that way if I need to go back to look for it, no guessing!!! I think I am one of the few who hates organizing my photos in iPhoto and have them in separate files under my User files.

Easier to upload to print that way when I go on my scrapbook retreats! I organize mine in folders on an external hard drive too. But I do use iPhoto to organize them when I create books. This is just great! I have needed to do this for soooo loooooooong already! Thank you so much again! Great plan. Such a great post. I have been trying to figure out how to organize all my photos in Lightroom and just decided to go by date. I am now working on keywording and color labeling all of them. Getting rid of some of them is going to be the hard part!

Cannot wait for ideas for albums for all my hard fotos. I do not want the album to look like a school project and also not to much scrapbooking. I want to see my fotos and not birds and bees that take the attention from your fotos. You are awesome! Thank you, thank you! Thanks for this VERY helpful tutorial.

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I will definitely use it!!! Thanks for doing this!

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We live in tornado territory so we make 3 copies — one for at home, one for at my work and one for at his work — I figure the odds of all 3 bieng hit is crazy low! I am so excited to get sorting. Hopefully it will get me over my fear of photoshop elements and get me back to being creative! Smart Albums in iPhoto is one of the best things ever. Not sure how I would manage my thousands of photos without it. I found it on Pinterest. But I have a question, I am not an expert in iphoto and I was wondering if you create an event for each month or if you create an album, what would be better?

Awesome article! Why have I never thought to do a simple index card checklist. I print quarterly at costco and have goofed and printed the same qtr twice- twice. The only think I might add is that I date my monthly folders with the numeral first ie: 1jan, 2feb, 3mar, etc so they are in chronological order. Thank you!

Organizing Your Photos Using Apple Photos on Your iPhone

I recently lost all of my photos from the last several years when my computer crashed. I was able to recover some, but now I have a drive with hundreds of thousands of files to sort through. SO many are temorary internet files and clip art. I have them on Facebook bad place for them, right? Lesson learned though. Verbatim sells them. Great post! Then I create an album by month and year and put my favorites from the month in that.

Every anniversary,ours is the end of July, I make a photo book for the previous year. This started when my husband and I were just dating and we have continued it. That way we get a nice gift of memories and my photos get printed me out less. Wow Ashley your tutorial is pretty awesome, lots of work to organize all your photos of the year. Another way perhaps a very old fashioned system is just to get a capacity album in the beginning of the year, and as you develop every month, you insert your photos right then in your big coffee table photo album and the end of the year you have your YEARS worth of photos chronologically without having to organize in boxes and files or remember what photo was when.

Pretty simple, I think. I make photo books with iPhoto. I like the quality over MyPublisher, although I do use that too for certain projects.

I make year review books for all my kids each Christmas. I also do year review books for me and my husband. I try to do at least one a year as they can get very pricey. And Creative Memories? So old school. And ultra pricey. Organize by family and by decade, then scan a few at a time. Pricey, yes, but more or less safe and not in your house. Plan on a multi-year job, take it in little chunks, and congratulate yourself on every step of the way — I preinted a draft album to take to a family reunion, and everyone was totally encouraging and interested and wanting their own copy which spurred me on to keep working.

Then use Creative Memories albums with picture corners to archive the originals, or archival boxes.

You can put them in an album or share them or print them all from there. Keywords act like tags, giving you the option to add them to photos for later searching ease. Then, open the info panel by clicking on the little circle with the lowercase i in it, located in the lower right corner of the iPhoto window.

Type in Keywords here, like the person in the photo, a year, the type of holiday, the event, or even the predominant color of the photo. You can put in anything you like, separating each keyword or phrase with a comma. To search for photos by keyword is also fairly straightforward, but it makes finding specific images all the easier. AirPod saved from subway suicide with makeshift sticky stick. Today in Apple history: iPhone 3G brings a big speed boost. Satechi dual HomeKit plug makes your outlets smarter [Review].

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