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All right, MetroSidebar looks like an interesting concept, but it is really unnecessary, so we will chuck it away. You might as well install a Mac-like wallpaper for extra authenticity. At the bottom of the screen, you have RocketDock, a very cool dock for Windows. Right-click to delete items or add special widgets and separators. You can also change the size of icons from the default 50px to anything you like. The taskbar will be relocated to the top of the screen and made small, white and fancy, with the theme lookalike borrowed from Mac and some versions of Linux.

You might want to consider setting the taskbar to auto-hide. Furthermore, you might also want to hide the Recycle Bin from the desktop for a clean, tidy effect. The other side of the transformation: window decorations. The whole point of having a Mac theme is to have a bunch of traffic light colored buttons and that rounded, posh feel.

Indeed, if you have applied the theme patcher, you'll get that. And you will be enjoying yourself, for sure:. There are several optional things you may want to consider.

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This has nothing specifically to do with Mac OS X, but it may give you new ideas and inspiration for how to alter and polish your Windows theme even further. No, I had the same problem. I found a very simple solution though. Simply create a folder called "Shortcuts" and drag it to be a new icon on your desktop. Drag and drop all your shortcuts to this folder. When you are done, rename the folder with just a comma. Then click "Change Icon" and look for a blank space in between all the options for new icons.

There should be a few. When you find such a space, click on it and click apply. Then your folder will be invisible, and the comma will seem like it's just another star in the backround. Make sure you know where the folder is so you can drag and drop your shortcuts back if you want to. Oh, i forgot to tell you one Detail To get the Taskbar at the top- Right click-it then click Properties Then uncheck Lock the Taskbar Then click and hold on the taskbar and Drag it upto the top of the screen.

Now what you want is WindowsBlinds. Well then you need This IconPackage. Please Someone Help me!!!!

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Come on people. See our article about SE-TrayMenu for more information. Portable Start Menu is a simple and free application launcher for Windows similar to the Start menu that can be installed on a USB flash drive or a local hard drive. Organize your programs in a simple menu system and launch them using a system tray icon.

Portable Start Menu also allows you to automatically mount and dismount TrueCrypt containers. The following programs are application launchers that either replace or enhance the Windows Start menu, Taskbar, or Desktop. We also list a launcher that comes in the form of a Gadget for the Windows 7 desktop.

Jumplist-Launcher is a free Windows program launcher that allows you to consolidate applications on the Taskbar, combining multiple applications into one jump list. You can add up to 60 programs in custom groups inside one jump list and drag and drop shortcuts, files, and folders onto the Jumplist-Launcher setup dialog. For more information, see our article about Jumplist-Launcher. Once you install 7Stacks, an icon is added to the desktop that allows you to easily create new stacks as shortcuts on the desktop.

You can then pin up to 10 different stacks to the Taskbar. You can create stacks from special folders, such as My Documents, or from ordinary folders on your hard drive. See our article about 7Stacks for information. The launcher can be accessed through the system tray, using a hotkey, or by clicking the middle mouse button.

It is portable and can use relative paths, making it useful as an application launcher for portable programs on USB flash drives. The look of the launcher can be customized using skins and you can use custom picture files. ViPad is a free application launcher and desktop organization tool for Windows that allows you to gather your favorite program shortcuts, website links, system tools shortcuts, files, folders, etc. You can even categorize the items onto personalized tabs.

Use drag-and-drop to put items on the launcher and to rearrange the items. Windows 7 App Launcher Gadget provides a very small application launcher that displays on your desktop as a gadget. You can drag and drop program shortcuts, files, and folders directly onto the gadget. You can also add favorites from Firefox, Opera, and IE to the gadget so you can quickly access websites.

If you use Linux, check out the following useful application launchers that are only available for Linux. It can also be used to keep track of open windows. AWN is highly customizable and fits perfectly into your Ubuntu theme. Gnome-Do is a keyboard-oriented program for Linux that allows you to quickly search for many items in your GNOME desktop environment, such as applications, Firefox bookmarks, files, etc.

Additional tweaks & customization

It is plugin-based, allowing you to easily extend it to handle new items and actions. Docky is a dock application for Linux that makes opening common applications and managing windows quicker and easier. Besides being an application launcher, Docky can also manage your running applications and host various docklets, including a CPU monitor, weather report, and clock.

Applications can integrate with Docky to add extra items to their context menus or modify their icons to display more information. The following application launchers are for those of you who prefer using the keyboard over the mouse. They make launching applications and opening files quick and easy. Display the FARR window using a custom hotkey, and then just start typing the first letters of the application, file, or folder you want to find and the results display instantly.

You can also use FARR to run web searches, send email, manipulate files, and much more. Plugins, add-ons, and extensions are also available for FARR. Launchy is a free utility for Windows, Linux, and Mac designed to help you launch your documents, files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes. It also indexes the programs in your Start menu in Windows, providing quick access to your favorite programs.

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Launchy opens as a small window in which you type your search term. The results display below the window as you type. There are skins to customize the look of Launchy and plugins to extend its functionality. Windows 7 App Launcher 7APL allows you to launch multiple applications at once in Windows using a hotkey or the Windows 7 jump lists feature. You create profiles containing all the applications you want to start at once and apply a hotkey to each profile.

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To run profiles from a jump list, pin the 7APL. For more information, see our article about Windows 7 App Launcher. Blaze is an application launcher for Windows that allows you to search your files and folders and the web, as well as launch programs. Also, use Blaze to perform in-place calculations and base conversions.

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