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Thank you, the installation was simple and it worked first time without any messing around. Brilliant product and one you need to shout about a little louder as this works fantastically well compared to the others I've tried. I knew my husband was cheating on me online, but could not get past the lies. With the Keylogger I was able to present the cold hard facts.

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He came clean and agreed to get counselling and now it's going great. The Tech Support that came with the program helped me all the way with any questions or difficulties. Thanks so much. I already purchased "Perfect Keylogger for Mac Pro" with password recorder and it works extremely good. I've only tested it on local machine. Freeware parental control tool: Free Website Blocker for Mac. Perfect Keylogger.

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Instant Source. Smart Type Assistant. Universal access preferences adjustment - important! That is necessary to get keylogger working.

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That option is located at the bottom of "Universal access" window. Note: the installer will open the Universal access window for you.

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Keystroke recording Perfect Keylogger will record all keystrokes, except for the passwords. Mac OS X has a built-in protection against the password recording. If you really need to record the passwords, send a request to our support team - we'll try to help you. Also keylogger will record the web page titles in Firefox and Opera. Program's options The program has a very few options, and they are intuitive. You have to check "Run keylogger every time your Mac starts" option.

But installing a keylogger on a computer that belongs to your partner or spouse is a crime. Similarly, if you share your computer with someone, and you both have your individual account on the computer, you have no legal right to attach a hardware key logger to the keyboard because you would be monitoring not only your activity, but also the activity of the other person. You could, however, install a software keylogger and use it to monitor only your user account and not the account of the other person. Learning how to install a keylogger is much simple than learning how to detect keyloggers.

Because there are two distinct types of keyloggers—software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers—there is no simple approach how to reliably detect all key loggers in a single swoop. We highly recommend you go online and look at some pictures of hardware keyloggers to get a better idea of how they typically look.

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The most basic tactic how to detect a software key logger is to use a task manager such as the one included with the Windows operating system or, for example, DGlances , which is available on all major operating systems and is open source, and look for any suspicious activity. Not all software keyloggers can be easily detected, and some may seemingly not show up in your task manager at all.

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In such case, your best bet might be antimalware software capable of detecting software keyloggers based on their behavior. Among the processes will be some familiar applications as well as various system processes. If you spot such a keylogger, you should note where it is located so you can both kill the process and remove the executable file from your hard drive. You may also come across an obfuscated key logger that keeps coming back even after being removed.

There are many comprehensive antimalware solutions available for all operating systems, and you can find their list here. Regardless of which antimalware solution you choose, you will likely be asked to start your operating system in Safe Mode to prevent the keylogger you want to remove from starting and potentially finding a way how to hide from your antimalware solution.

The only correct way to uninstall keystroke recorder software on Mac is from inside the application. In case the software in completely invisible, the only way to get rid of keylogger on Mac is to re-install your Mac OS.

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