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Unfortunately if you do not have one of those, you will not be able to run Lion and the only option for you will be to purchase a new Mac with one of those processors. The second requirement is that you are running the latest version of Snow Leopard. Looking at the same window, check that the version stated is That is the version required to upgrade from Snow Leopard. Purchasing and downloading Lion is as simple as going into the Mac App Store, finding Lion it is featured on the front page, but a search will also find it and clicking the purchase button.

As soon as you click to download Lion, down flies the Installer icon which has a little progress bar. Once the download is done, the Lion Installer will automatically open - ready for instructions from the user. Now comes the part where you have to go through some steps, with some minimal options on how Lion installs. This is the screen that greets you when you Lion finishes downloading.

Software License Agreement. Which drive. Most users just need to press continue on this step, but the Installer does give you the opportunity to Install Lion to another disk if you so choose. It begins. This process is relatively quick and once done will restart the computer. Step 4. The Installation. Depending on your computer this could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. Login and enjoy your new operating system!

If you want to learn more about the operating system be sure to check out our review of Lion too. Part of the problem with digitally distributing an operating system is that if something goes terribly wrong with your installation, perhaps to the point were you cannot even boot into the installation, you are stuck without a disk to re-install the operating system.

Fortunately however, Apple has had the foresight to recognize this problem and has come up with a simple and fairly painless workaround.

How to Create & Burn a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Install DVD

When you install a copy of Lion to your hard drive, part of the installation process involves a new recovery partition being created. This recovery partition contains a portion of the Lion installer, but more importantly some tools that will help troubleshooting and repairing installations. Give it a minute or so to load and you will be presented with the Mac OS X Utilities window which gives you four tools to help recover your Lion Installation.

These four options are fairly self-explanatory but there are some interesting points to note. If you do choose to reinstall Lion from this recovery partition, Apple does require you to send your Mac's serial number back to them. At this stage it is not known whether this is being used to prevent users who did not purchase Lion from re-installing, but the could well be the case.

If you choose to get help online, the Utilities application will literally open up an instance of Safari, which is fully-functional, so that if you are having a particular problem you might be able to easily find a resolution without re-installing Lion or booking an appointment with your local Genius Bar. Whether you just want peace of mind knowing that you have a copy of Lion if you ever need to re-install it or are wary of a complete hard drive crash which would render the recovery partition useless, making your own Lion DVD or USB Drive is fairly simple.

The first thing to do is to make sure you get those Lion installation files - Apple automatically deletes it once you do an installation of Lion, so make sure you do this step before you try installing Lion. Copy this file to somewhere else for now, preferably an External HDD or separate partition. What you copied over was an application, but technically all you need to create a bootable drive or disc is the Lion Installer image. This is located inside that application.

The first thing to do is insert the USB drive, launch Disk Utility just do a search in Spotlight for it and select the thumb drive. Find that same InstallESD. This will take a while, depending on how fast your DVD drive is. There are two reasons for this:. This installation is fairly simple, firstly make sure you have all your documents backed up because you will be wiping your hard drive or partition to make way for a new installation.

This can be anything from a Time Machine backup to just copying everything you need to an external drive or using something like Dropbox or SugarSync to back your files up to the cloud.

Now you need to wipe the hard drive or partition to which you want to install Snow Leopard and later, Lion. I strongly recommend disconnecting any external drives that may be connected to the Mac in case you accidently choose the wrong one! Once this is done you can close Disk Utility and run the Snow Leopard installation as normal. As soon as you are done with the installation of Snow Leopard, do not install anything.

Go straight to Software Update and get all the necessary updates, all the way up until you have version At this stage, you are all ready to start the upgrade installation of Lion. You can just go straight to the App Store to download and then run the Lion installation. Alternatively, if you copied the installation files the Mac App Store downloads it to the Applications folder you can just run that straight away. Unfortunately, Apple has made the clean installation a far tougher process with Lion and the way it works will differ depending on the method you choose to do a clean installation.

I shall start off with the simplest method - this where you install it from Snow Leopard and install Lion to a different partition. Apart from this one difference, you can follow the steps outlined in that section. Using this method, you would be able to subsequently copy your data from the Snow Leopard Installation either manually or through a Time Machine backup and then delete the Snow Leopard partition and resize the Lion partition. Finally because you are creating a new installation, there are some set-up steps in addition to what is outlined in Section 2. They are fairly self-explanatory so I have just used screenshots:.

Note: This guide was written based on experiences with the GM and other developer builds. Although we are fairly confident that this post is accurate, we had some conflicting experiences with this following method of doing a clean installation - in particular, although this section notes that the Installer will re-download a large portion of Lion, we asked some people on their experiences and some did not experience this.

We will update this section once we can clarify what indeed is the case. The first thing you need to do is create a bootable disc or USB drive, which I explain in detail in Section 4. Next, make sure you have all your documents and data backed up because you will be wiping hard drives or an individual partition if you choose. The next step is to wipe your hard drive in preparation for a fresh installation. Disk Utility is again the helpful tool for this, which you can find from the Menu Bar in Utilities.

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You now have an empty hard drive, all prepared for a fresh Lion installation. Exit Disk Utility and you will be taken back to the Lion Installer. Now you go through the same steps that would greet someone doing a typical upgrade installation as detailed in Section 2. However there is one final point to note about this installation. I think this is the absolute worst way to distribute a software of 3. Another option would be to find a copy of "InstallESD. This will not require an Internet […].

I have made my lion sd card but when I boot it it says lion cannot be installed please try an reinstall. Just an endless loop. Or will you only be able to perform A clean install with this? Yes if all you want is a Recovery Disk, but this method shows you how to create an installer USB drive, which allows you to perform a fresh OS X Lion installation without accessing the internet.

Also without doing a clean install,. Backup your songs and pictures beforehand, of course. As others have stated you MUST exit the installer after the app downloads. Simply go to the upper left menu and QUIT it. Also, for those still questioning it…. Be advised however that this is not a choice when running the installer. Now ….. Note that this will not be possible if you buy Lion from the App Store — when you click to buy it immediately starts downloaded if you already have an App Store account with a designated credit card.

When the download is finished, hours later! Because if the installation does ahead, the. As a result, I am having to download the OS a second time for another machine instead of doing it the easy way! Thanks for the tip, I just downloaded the app from torrent. I wana know about the registration or serial number! It may be that installation is tied to your Apple ID used to install the disk.

Apple […]. Apple hasn't said […]. I want to create a bootable installer from the existing system. I also recommend installing Lion from scratch, since lots of apps are still not fully compatible with the new cat. Speaking of incompatibility, a […]. A variant on the question. I have a copy of the dmg file on a DVD made before install. Tried this and now i am in the middle of no where.

Just lost os and now it just goes straight to recovery and that also does not re install lion : any ways working on it should be able to find a solution :. Can I use this to do a clean install after I have upgraded to Lion… because when i try this — the system just hangs. Have waited for as long as an hour for this to move.

It does not. Yes you can perform a clean install from the bootable USB drive. Just format the disk first using the built in Disk Utility and then install as usual. How do you create a copy of lion after you have already installed it? The installed. And yet thanks to you, we all can do this for a whole lot cheaper!!!!! Thanks A Million!!!!! The information option confirmed it was the right format. What worked? Using THAT option, dragging source from desktop, destination the thumb drive to destination it started restoring.

Am I the only having this error when I try to start the install? After I did, I followed these instructions and I copied Lion to a flash drive so that I could perform a clean install on my MacBook instead of […]. Can you tell me why you should mount the dmg before the restore? The walkthrough explains why, it just makes it easier. You are welcome to copy the DMG file as well.

Tolerable on a smartphone, but not so easy — oddly enough — on the desktop. Make a bootable Mac OS X How big does the partition have to be for the Lion installer? Someone in the comments said the DMG actually contains 4. I want to use the other partition for recovery tools and installers. Yes it gets removed after Lion has been upgraded, that is why you must copy or move the file prior to upgrading the primary source Mac.

Thank you Matt for answering my question. I also installed before copying the installESD. I found that if you hold down the Option key and click on the installed button you can actually redownload. However, attempting to find the installESD. I think you need to update the instructions to tell people that they need to save the installer file after download but BEFORE installing it. You should update the post to mention this… sigh — off to download it on another Mac and blow some bandwidth.

Only one question, can I make this work and still keep my Flash drive for holding my crap on? Or do I need to make a partition in the first place? Will I have to wipe the whole thing to start with? If you do the method in the original post, putting it on a USB flash drive, will this not require the mac app store user account to verify it and get future updates, as if it was bought on a disc in the first place?

I just downloaded Lion and installed on my first macbook. Then I found this article. Any help? It existed before installing Lion. Why is this procedure necessary to accomplish the objective installing Lion on all of my computers without several downloads. Very sorry for the post above.

I now see you have updated the instructions to be an 8Gb flash. Great post. I did try with a 4.

How To Re-Download Mac OS X "Lion" & Create a Bootable Install DVD - HighTechDad™

Sadly, however, it will not restore to a 4. Hi, would I have trouble for updates in the future? No, as long as you are installing Lion on your own personal Macs, this is fine. This method just allows you to avoid downloading the entire package again. I almost tried that, because it would seem easier, but I would rather have the bootable thumb drive anyways.

No the same happens with Mac people as well. Remember: there was a reason that Apple shipped one-button-mice until 5 years ago: right-clicks often complicate things in an unnecessary way and confuse people, especially beginners. Not everyone is a power user! Why is it necessary to make this whole mess? Is it to have a copy of the Lion software? Why is the reason. For most users this is not necessary, it just makes it easy to install on your other local Macs, allows for a clean install, and prevents redownloading.

OS X Lion v The Lion upgrade has a pretty hefty size of 3. Although, you have the option to…. I could not get it to work with a 4GB stick, says not enough space. I guess I need an 8GB stick instead. As I asked mischa, can you please use it to install Lion first, then tell us if it actually works? Can you please use it to install Lion first? Please respond back and tell us if it actually works. I just messed this up myself.

How can I have a newer version on my computer? You have 11A The App Store version is 11A Slightly older version for the older Macs. See my comment to your other post about option-clicking. Now it is downloading again the Lion OS. Followed your instructions and it worked.

This does not work for the version released through the app store as Maybe Apple adjusted the installer to prevent this? I am looking for a way to do this to install to my other machines as this iMac will be going back to Snow Leopard for the time being. It is in the applications folder. You can copy it to an external drive for safe keeping if you want. You need to save a copy of that file somewhere, like to an external drive, because if you go ahead with the upgrade to Lion then the downloaded file will get deleted for some reason.

Thank you for the helpful tip, i will be doing that for my mac mini. Thank you. In other words, is the Snow Leopard requirement solely because you need the Mac App Store to download Lion in the first place? So download Lion onto a Snow Leopard Mac, make the bootable install disk, then install on a Mac currently running Leopard? Is that what you are asking? That is not what christ asked. He was asking if he could make a bootable USB stick and then install Lion onto any Mac… His friends, family, bloke down the road.

Can I buy and download Lion on my MacBook Air, make a usb-stick like this, and then do a clean install with it on my iMac? Or will this usb stick only be useable on the machine I made it? Do you live in the future osxdaily? Are we assuming it will work like it has worked for other OSX releases? Not entirely true. The build downloaded from the App Store is 11A to support older Macs. Extra updates are downloaded to make it 11A The GM is 11A In that case, the first GM was not the shipping version.

Great instructions. Yes that is correct, you can choose to either upgrade Snow Leopard or perform a clean Lion install by using the USB drive method. Followed your instruction and it worked like a charm. BTW, I used a usb hdd instead of the stick. Thanx a lot. Hi there, I just installed lion from the app store on my air, but now cannot find that lion install dmg in the applications folder. Is it a hidden file? Only partly true. If you have the foresight to let Time Machine perform a full backup of your Mac before running the Lion installer but after it has downloaded from the App Store then you can skip re-downloading the 4Gb file.

Just a lil question : why is there some way to connect to a wireless network in your EFI? This is an option on MacBook Airs. I am looking to install lion as a fresh install , one of the main reasons is filevault 2. What happens when i reinstall over the top how does that work? Is this bootable Lion image something that you can use as an emergency repair disk by adding things like DiskWarrior and TechTools Pro when they are lion certified? Or is this bootable image only capable of booting and installing Lion? On the same topic, if my assumption is incorrect, would my solution be to wait for DasBoot to be lion certified or to install of SL on a new partition, put on lion, slim it all down, and clone it to a thumb drive?

When I did my Snow Leopard upgrade I had a separate partition on the same hard drive setup as a bootable disk. It worked perfectly and I was able to keep all my existing files. Mount the InstallESB. As in, exactly as many steps as above? CCC rocks! I did not have quite enough space on my 4GB drive for Lion, but with CCC I could opt not to copy some of the packages I skipped all the languages which do not interest me and voila it fits! CCC is the nest way to go. I have done this for Snow Leopard. Just choose the SD card in lieu of the USB drive stick in the instructions here and follow accordingly.

With a USB stick…. The SD memory card then has greater utility. And, knowing that I have a class 6 or class 10 SD card, I also have the reassurance I can capture HD video on the camera without any problems when used to capture HD video. Just an alternative idea. Did this work on the Gold Master that was released last week since it was suppose to be the last update to OSX Lion before they let us download next week.

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Can you burn me a copy of both Snow Leopard and Lion? Why do I need Snow Lepoard? I know this is way old, but I love the philosophy, seriously you spent a thousand dollars on a computer spend thirty bucks on an OS! So, VirtualBox may be free but it has some draw backs. If your laptop gets power off and the VM is running, you will lose it with no hope of getting it back.

Parallels is by far the best of the three. Download the trails and see yourself before you make a decision. Also, look on their respectable web site and compare each was well. I think you will find Parallels the best of the three. Also, they have education pricing which is half the retail cost. GUID is what you should use for any partition you want to be bootable Intel but I think it will just completely wipe the space and install it from the disk image. I really want to get this laptop back up and running but I know little about apple. I hope to hear from someone that can help me out.

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