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Some of the video seemed good enough to put onto YouTube, and joining the clips together, and changing them to YouTube friendly mp4 was done in my camcorder. No problems. Last Sunday I tried capturing video at a local cycle event, and by chance used a better quality capture on my G At home, I then discovered that the on-board joining and conversion wouldn't work with higher quality originals, hence my search for a video converter. I can always visit the club and show their efforts on a TV, but putting them on YouTube seemed a better idea.

12222 Best Mac Video Converters Review: Convert Any Video on macOS

My desk top PC is elderly and struggles with HD video. Oct 10, at PM. Last edited: Oct 10, Oct 14, at PM. The QC is for HD rendering. I understand the latest version? One suspects this is the way things will go as folks probably embrace "The Cloud" for ever-fancier software features and will pay "Per Edit" for that additional power. The software houses might add some "Library shots" to tempt us Of course, if you were to buy a many-multi-core PC, then in time, you could perform live Edits, provided the Monitor is 4K too.

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However, I suspect for most of us the use of 4K will be for big-screen projection, when we are summoned to Hollywood, or the local Cinema. Last edited: Oct 14, M Stewart , Oct 14, Thanks all for your interest and replies. As recommended, I downloaded the suggested software, but for some reason beyond me, neither application would run - one asked for other software to be already installed which I then tried , and the other wanted Quicktime installed, and again I installed it. But no go. On another forum, I was pointed to "Handbrake" which I'd never heard of, but is open source, and seems to be lean software, and still in development.

I was able to choose the output dimensions of the mp4 video, and I chose to reduce to old SD standards for a quick upload to YouTube.

Top 3. Tipard MTS Converter for Mac – Good

I may have missed something, but I found that the Queue feature didn't remember the pixels requested, and after the first clip in any queue, it defaulted to the input resolution. I just had to convert all of my short clips individually. Anyway, after using my old VideoStudio to join the mp4 clips together, it's job done, and the short 5 minute video is now up on YouTube.

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Show Ignored Content. Just select your device from the list of profiles and hit convert. This software also has some basic video editing tools to get the exact video you want before you convert it. You can trim away unwanted footage, adjusting picture values such as contrast and hue as well as add watermarks and subtitles. There are times that you want a copy of a YouTube video on your computer. You may want to be able to watch it offline, use the content to make something new or simply for archiving.

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  4. All you need is the URL of the video. This program also has the ability to create DVDs out of your video files.

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    These discs function exactly as the ones you buy at the store. You can build menus, navigation, special features and more. We have been reviewing the best Mac video converters for more than five years.

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    8. We regularly check with manufacturers for new versions and updates to every program. Over the years, our team of reviewers has spent more than hours testing, rating and ranking Mac video converter programs. We also asked experts in the video production industry what to look for when choosing video converter software.

      Drew Tyler, an instructor in the digital media program at Weber State University in Utah, told us that the most important consideration is usability. There are people who get paid a lot of money to do it professionally. Look for the software that gives you the presets that are easiest to choose. Avoid the hassle, and let it do the thinking. Conversion quality is his top consideration, and he only uses applications that retain percent quality. He said it's critical to choose software that recognizes and converts to both popular and obscure formats.

      Every product we reviewed was subjected to a battery of tests. These tests were designed to gauge how easy each program is to use, how fast it converts and the quality of its final results. Quality Test After converting our test videos, our experts examined the results to find any compression artifact, motion blur, distortion and more.

      They compared the conversions against the source video to see if any degradation occurred. For the most part, they found minimal quality loss, but some programs were much better than others. We timed how long it takes each program to convert one-, and minute videos and used the results to determine which software is the fastest on average.

      In general, faster is better, but some programs sacrifice quality for speed. The best applications produced excellent-quality conversions quickly. When selecting a video converter for your Mac, remember that many video file formats aren't compatible with Apple applications or products. As such, converting video to the right format is critical.

      Best Video Converter for Mac - 12222 Conversion Software Reviews

      During our review, we found several key features you want to look for when selecting a program:. Before you buy, make sure that the program you want has what you need and is the lowest possible price. Features that let you convert in batches, download videos from popular sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and make basic video edits all elevate a simple converter up to a useful application that's worth the money. The program you choose should also let you create files specifically designed to be shared online. Compatibility There are a lot of video formats out there, and it's not uncommon for even the lowliest video converter to be able to create any popular file type.

      The best Mac video conversion programs have comprehensive file compatibility for both standard and high-definition videos. They can also create device-specific files for both popular and obscure brands. Ease of Use Converting video files used to be a complicated task, but these days, it should be a relatively simple affair. Good Mac video converters have intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and large device-specific preset libraries. The combination of these features allows you to start converting less than a minute after launching the software.

      The best applications include live chat support for the fastest possible help. All the Mac video converters we reviewed are paid programs. We recommend them because they do more than simple format extension swaps.

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      When we tested it, we were able to start converting files immediately after downloading the software, which took one minute.