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PowerBall -- A freeware version of Atari's classic game, Breakout! Relax -- The ambient sound generator is back, and it's still free! RazorSharp -- A game that will challenge your reflexes an ability to think quickly. Royal Flush -- Royal Flush is a pinball simulation game, that very accurately mimics the classic "Royal Flush" machine Gottlieb, Sigma Chess Lite -- Play a tough game of chess with your computer. This program has plenty of extra bells and whistles that chess geeks will surely enjoy. Sokoban -- Puzzle game requiring logical thinking and puzzle-solving skills.

Soldiers of the Sun -- A side-scroller space game, with superb graphics. Very challenging. Stratega -- Play a clone of Milton Bradley's classic board game, Stratego, over the Internet with a friend! Talking Moose -- classic program where a moose pops up with random funny sayings. Tetris Plus -- This fast-paced game will challenge your thinking skills as you try to align the colored blocks.

You can also add your own custom sound track. Tickle-Me Pikachu -- Use a feather or your fingers to make this little electric mouse giggle hysterically! This program is the cutest! Weekend Warrior -- An absolutely free 3D game with a zany cast of characters. Wild Icons -- Casino style slot machine with customizable slot icons and more.

Wumpus -- carefully hunt the Wumpus in this classic game of strategy. How cool is that? Apple iTunes -- Play, organize, transfer, and burn your MP3 music files. The best MP3 on the market, free or otherwise! Audacity -- A simple, easy-to-use audio editing program. Audio Overload -- Listen to music lifted off your favorite video games!

Cabrio -- A free MP3 player with neat-looking skins. Coaster 1. Color Music -- Generates music based on color information of an image, and allows you to save the results as a MIDI file! This program seems to be a direct challenge to the shareware iCDc. MacAmp -- A great MP3 player! Napster 1. The Napster people liked Macster so much, they decided to make it their "official" Napster program for the Macintosh! MicNotePad Lite -- Quickly create and edit sounds. Mesa II -- This confusing program has many useful options for editing sound files, and it may come in useful to someone who knows about this sort of thing.

Download it and give it a try! This is the only alarm clock you'll ever need! You can set 14 different alarms that each play a sound file of your choice. QuickAmp -- A simple MP3 player that has some great features! SoundApp -- The only sound player and converter you will ever need! Sound Builder -- Easily cut, paste, and edit your sound files in many ways. Sound Editor -- Cut and paste your sound files however you like, and touch them up in many other ways. SoundHack -- Make weird sound files.

Where to Find & Download Old Mac OS Software

SoundRecorder -- A useful audio recording program. Sound Vision D51 -- See what sound looks like. Animation Stand Personal -- This robust animation product is available for free exclusively on the Macintosh platform! BTV -- View full screen video from any source, auto resolution switching, multi monitor. CU-SeeMe -- A free video conferencing program?!

You bet! Any Macintosh using system 7 and up can display them. Attach them to e-mail messages and promote yourself online! Has lots of useful options. Online Bible -- I still haven't figured out how this program works, but it supposedly gives you a King James Bible in software. RealPlayer G2 -- It's about time! Those guys at Real have delayed for months, but they finally have the final release of their RealPlayer.

Old MacOS 9 Tools

Let's hope this one doesn't crash as much as the beta versions did! You can browse the scenes in an easy-to-use hierarchical format and see previews of every part of the disc! You can even grab a quick screenshot with just an Apple-S! Note: unfortnately, Lukifer and his site that hosts this software seems to be gone again. Adobe Acrobat 5 Carbonized -- Lots of complaints about this software, not sure why.

Blob Sculptor -- A simple, easy-to-use 3D-modeling program. It comes with several sample 3D models and can export files in a variety of formats. BME -- View, convert, and manipulate images. It comes with many useful features, including scripting capabilities. It's kind of like Photoshop light! DragPeek 1. You can also preview all your fonts in a windows and choose which ones you want to delete! Now I can display all my fonts in a simple list for free!

Nya nya! FuturePaint 2 -- A simple paint program with many fun tools, similar to MacPaint but with many more features. GIFBuilder 1. Gluon PresenterActive -- A presentation program I can't figure out how to download. Lemon -- Make seamless patterns from image files. Mini FV -- A simple, floating font utility.

It can even use Photoshop Filters! Pict2Ascii -- Make a picture out of text! PictIcons -- Ever wanted to create a picture on your Mac with a mosaic of custom icons? This program can do it! PicViewer -- a simple and elegant picture viewer and slide-show progam. Strata 3D 3.

Zoomify -- Peer to peer image sharing service. It's like Napster for pictures! AbbottChat -- AbbottChat is a person-to-person chat client, with fast private chat, file transfer, and group chat features, and it doesn't require a server to log onto. Anonymous -- Basic FTP server.

AutoShare -- AutoShare is a list server that distributes mail to the subscribers of discussion lists, and both auto-responses and vacation notices return automated mails. BetterTelnet -- The easiest, friendliest way to make a telnet connection! A beta release of BetterTelnet 2 is also available. Caem -- Send secure, anonymous e-mails with this shady tool. Dolly-Servup -- See if a server is up or down. Dolly-Mail -- Send anonymous e-mail.

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Dolly-Chat -- Realtime IP chat program. EURL -- A simple program to keep track of your bookmarks. Faust's Friend -- Grab headlines from various news services. Fortify -- Give Netscape full bit encryption security and make the government mad! Very useful for web masters! GameRanger -- Makes it easy to team up with others online to play games. Green 1. Hotline Connect -- The little program famous for its ties with software piracy is back, and now it's free!

It's a lot like the shareware program Download Deputy, only free.

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  • Internet Launcher -- replacement for the 'Connect To Internet Explorer 5. Internet Menu -- Back from the dead! Adds a menu to the top menu bar providing access to all internet apps. It's about time someone thought of this! Ideal for sending private files. Be sure to get the cool color schemes for it too! LimeWire -- Dive back into the Gnutella file-sharing network. Link Pad -- Link Pad is best described as a scratchpad for links. Simply drag a link from your web browser to Link Pad, and drag it back out when you're ready to view it! MacSatelitte -- It's like Napster--you can use it to find and download MP3 songs--but you use the audiogalaxy web site to do the searching.

    It might be a little weird to go back in time for a couple days, but when you get down to what I actually need to get my job done, it's a pretty short list.

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    • When putting theory into practice, I ran into two major problems. The first is that Mac OS 9 can't run anything that even attempts to approximate a modern Web browser. My one option was " Classilla ," a distant relative of the Mozilla suite that later became Firefox. Classilla was last updated in very early , but its rendering engine is much older, and it still choked on just about every page I threw at it. Forget using Web apps.

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      Forget being able to click on links in IRC to open them. It ain't happening. In this post-Snowden era, we often worry that the encryption hardware and software we rely on is flawed in some way that will allow it to be circumvented. Most e-mail apps I tried Eudora, Microsoft Entourage , Mulberry didn't support SSL encryption at all, or they supported some older version that our e-mail server didn't care for.

      Entourage nearly worked—I could receive mail, albeit with many connection errors, but I could never send it. And since Classilla makes such a mess of things, the Web client isn't an option. And it goes without saying that syncing files between Mac OS 9 and any other system just isn't going to happen I mostly use Dropbox, but the service you use doesn't make a difference.

      I was only able to do some file transfers using FTP, yet another unencrypted and insecure protocol. Back then, your computer was the one computing device you had. You didn't need to sync stuff to a phone or a tablet or another computer, because you didn't have a phone or tablet or another computer.

      Steve Jobs called the computer the " digital hub " for all your other devices, and the software reflects that philosophy. Mac OS 9 is an island. These days, your computer is at best a first among equals. My Studio.

      If you want to appreciate the present, try living in the past for a few days.

      Musical Resume. Guide to Free Macintosh Music Software. Free Downloads. Web Design , Teaching, Mac Repair, etc. Exemplary Web Links. Written Work. And to check out a little of what can be done with this software, take a listen to my Music - especially the newer pieces on "mutation". I am Arvid Tomayko-Peters. I am creating this listing to hopefully help some people to have fun with and become inspired creating electronic music with their Macs because it IS the best digital music platform! This list is subjective and not meant to be comprehensive. It is based upon my own likes, dislikes and interests.

      So all of this stuff is work having, I would say :. I probably won't be updating this page anymore, and have therefore separated it from the OS X page. I used this as the basis for my setup for 2 years. Needs semi-extensive setup memory config, etc. I have written an Applescript to automate this procedure - and also to set stuff back to defaults i.

      You can download that here. Opcode is dead, but you can still find OMS with this link and part of the Digidesign site says Pro Tools Free is no longer avaiable, but it apparently is. Logic Fun - The little known baby sister of Emagic's powerful Logic Audio series, this sequencer focuses on MIDI and gives a cool basic version of Logic's superlative real-time notation. Also includes 4 audio tracks with chorus and reverb effects. Kudos to Prosoniq for making this available for free after its commercial worth is mostly gone.

      I use it a lot to put reverb etc. Apply reverb and save. Audacity - I want to mention this because it is free, open-source and cross-platform and is therefore bound to improve in the future. Now it is a little unstable and annoying, but it is very promising offering unlimited audio tracks, VST effect support, ability to record while playing back like a sequencer , mp3 export, non-destructive volume automation.