Bechamel for mac and cheese

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  3. Easy homemade mac and cheese calls for a bechamel sauce.

Ultimately, choose your side, but ensure you aren't starting with hot or scaled milk. You can heat the milk briefly in the microwave or on the stovetop. Pay attention to your sauce as it cooks. It will need stirring pretty much throughout the recipe to ensure there aren't lumps and everything is blended together well and not scorching on the bottom of the pan.

If you are making the sauce ahead of time, it should be refrigerated and used within two days. The mixture will thicken while in the refrigerator. To prevent a skin forming, place a sheet of wax paper or plastic on top, in contact with the surface of the sauce. But not to worry, you can disperse the skin into the sauce when you reheat it, using vigorous whisking.

You can vary the type of cheese if you want to use something other than sharp cheddar. Add more or less hot sauce to boost the spice level or tone it down. Rate This Recipe. I don't like this at all. It's not the worst. Sure, this will do. I'm a fan—would recommend. I love it! Thanks for your rating! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. This I will definitely be trying out on this long weekend. Really liked this, was better when I re-heated leftovers. So second time baked it in casserole for 15 min at after making on stove top. I live in western pa with my 15 year old daughter.

I threw out all that junk in January and we have lost a combined 60 pounds!! Congratulations on all your weight loss. I just made cheese rue. This is not what I wanted.

How to Make Perfect Mac & Cheese

I even added more milk to it to thin it out and I could have had to add another cup or two. Next time I will add less flour if there is a next time. At least my kids ate it. Where did I go wrong!? That mac n cheese looks so creamy and amazing. I think im going to make some tonight. Thank you for your recipe. I thought this was bland. I used good cheeses so not certain why. Will probably add blue cheese to the left overs. I made this recipe today and was tasting the sauce as I went.

Creamy Mac and Cheese Recipe

I thought it was a tad bland as well to be honest, but I added some garlic powder, and that really made a difference! I want to make this recipe for Thanksgiving but was wondering, did you really mean 16 oz of macaroni? Also, is there any alternative to use for mustard powder? The amount on the box is by weight while measuring cups measure by volume. Another way to put it would be saying 1 lb of macaroni instead of 2 cups.

I used Tillamook extra sharp cheddar which turned out perfect. Thank you so much for an amazing recipe. Sooo impressed with this recipe!! Simple and absolutely delicious! I made a cheese rue. Not what I wanted. What did I do wrong!? I wanted sauce that looked like yours tasted. I must thank you for sharing your recipe. Great news for my family. One pan without the breadcrumbs and one, my favorite with. Unable to photograph.

It was gone in no time.

There will be a next time. I was looking for a good homemade mac n cheese recipe. This mac n cheese was definitely creamy but lacked in flavor. My family was not a fan of this and I followed the recipe exactly as it was written. If you liked the creaminess, I would recommend switching up the cheeses. Pepper jack is great if you like heat, American cheese will give you more of a classic yellow Mac and cheese flavor.

Garlic powder or a pinch of red pepper flakes can really kick it up a notch too! Hope you find a recipe you love! I tried your Mac and cheese recipe! I have also been trying to find different Mac and cheese recipes. Ones that ar creamy like yours. Though mines came out too thick? I guess to make it thinner consistency is to keep adding milk? Or too much flour? Thanks Marla. My family loves it!!

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I added some more aged cheddar, and a bit of Cabot American cheese deli , and the smoked paprika suggested by another reader- and everyone LOVES it!! Thanks for the recipe! So glad you enjoyed this! Smoked paprika is almost always a good choice!


Love that hint of smoky heat! I made this tonight, very delicious! Will definitely use this recipe again. I used capavetti noodles. I would add more garlic and seasons next time. Saw this recipe on Pinterest. I love Mac n cheese.

Made it for lunch today. I tried this recipe today and found it super easy to follow. The instructions were great. The final dish was creamy and tasty! So happy I tried this and would recommend to others. I used sharp Cheddar and the Gruyere. So cheesy!! But delicious.

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  • I love the cayenne pepper bite!! We just made this Mac and cheese. Thank you so much for sharing this amazingly delicious recipe!

    Classic Macaroni and Cheese

    I think we may add bacon next time for fun but I always make new recipes as written the first time! Thanks so much for coming back here to let me know! I also love to put whatever odds and ends of cheese I have in the fridge in this mac, and of course, adding bacon is never a bad idea! We thought it was too garlicky. Just make sure to taste the sauce before adding salt.

    You might not need any with the salted butter! I learned the perfect bechamel method and got the absolute creamiest sauce with zero graininess.