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It's not that rare when the trivial task of showing desktop with a shortcut stresses a newbie MacBook user out. One of the ways to deal with the issue is to call out the built-in system hint.

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

In other situations, a user may simply create customized keyboard shortcuts. Though you're not authorized to design hotkeys for general purpose tasks e. The next section explains the way to do it. Besides customizing hotkeys just for convenience, you might need this feature in case Apple's shortcut conflicts with a particular tool shortcut. Then, you will be able to take a screenshot or launch specific application thanks to the command you have created by yourself.

In case the combination you wish to set up is already used up, you'll need to come up with a new one or modify the existing shortcut in the corresponding app. Now, let's move on to our infographic, which covers the most essential, useful, and simply cool shortcuts to go a bit geeky and enhance you Mac user experience!

Keyboard Shortcut to Open Mac OS X System Preferences

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Shortcuts for Mac: The Core Symbols The bedrock of almost any keyboard shortcut are one or several so-called modifier keys meant to alternate or change the function of other keys. How to Make Shortcuts on Mac by Yourself? It may sound as though I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but this extra step essentially defeats the purpose of the keyboard shortcut in the first place, especially since I usually do not know and cannot keep track of if I have already manually run the service since the last time that I opened that application.

I have to repeat these steps for every application, including stock applications like Finder. Otherwise, the shortcut will not work while I am in that application. Is there any way to have the keyboard shortcut trigger the service without having to manually run the service first? It should be noted, however, that I first observed this bug from the very first time that I assigned a keyboard shortcut to my service, which was at least a year ago.

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

In other words, I have never experienced the keyboard shortcut function as it was designed to work. It should be noted that this bug is not unique to my computer; reports of others experiencing this idiosyncrasy abound on the internet Service not running the first time it's invoked via key combination. Services shortcut not working properly.

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Assigning a shortcut to a service. Assign a shortcut to running a script in OS X read the last paragraph in this answer. That is, cmd-ctrl-k works, but ctrl-k needs help. The "help" is to go to the app's menu bar and hover over the services so it sees them. That works until you quit the app. In my case, I had to change the shortcut from ctrl-option-cmd-L to shift-option-cmd-L before the shortcut would trigger.

If adding cmd to the shortcut doesn't work, try substituting a different modifier key for the ctrl.

How to create custom keyboard shortcuts on OS X

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Keyboard shortcut for service only works after I manually run the service Ask Question. This happens for every service I created. This happens regardless of the keyboard shortcut. Service not running the first time it's invoked via key combination Services shortcut not working properly Assigning a shortcut to a service Assign a shortcut to running a script in OS X read the last paragraph in this answer.

Jump to certain settings with keyboard shortcuts

That totally is not how it is supposed to work. Sadly I can't think of a good way to fix or troubleshoot this issue.

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What if you try to make the shortcut something that no application could possibly use. I still had to manually run the service before this shortcut did anything. Maybe if you reinstall repair the OS.