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Immutability can be changed via 'chflags -R nouchg ', as mentioned in the referred doc. This worked for me. I booted the same Mac into Snow Leo But for me, Snow Leo fixed it. I've had this issue a couple of times on my Mac Pro 5,1. The error only seems to occur when none of the SATA drives are mounted. So, for me, the fix was simply to reboot the Mac and keep one of the SATA drives mounted at all times.

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As you say, macOS hasn't worked nicely with external drives for a long time which I find annoying and ironic since they are moving more and more to external storage Mac Pro 6,1 being a case in point. Hope this info is useful.

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Help - I have a file I cannot delete 26 posts. Stephen Daedulus. Take it out of the garbage and try again? Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor.

How to Force Empty the Trash on Mac 2016! Remove Stuck Files!

Bob Loblaw. In terminal it looks like this: Attempting to delete from finder gives error code , and trying to remove the file from terminal gives Code:. Stephen Daedulus wrote:. OnyX works.

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Also trashit. Ars Praetorian et Subscriptor. Hal Itosis. Bob Loblaw wrote:.

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Attempting to delete from finder gives error code , and trying to remove the file from terminal gives Invalid argument. I can't seem to rename the file but I can move the containing folder around. Last edited by Hal Itosis on Mon May 02, am. Posted: Wed Nov 04, pm. Posted: Thu Nov 05, am. Posted: Thu Nov 05, pm. Posted: Sun Nov 08, am.

How to fix Mac trash error code

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Method 1. Install available updates

Posted: Sun Jul 31, am. However, this current problem is neither of these, but the fix is easy. This last option can be done by pressing Option-Command-Escape or choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu and then choosing the Finder from the Force-Quit window and clicking the Relaunch button. Finally, if you are savvy with the OS X Terminal, you can run the following command to re-launch the Finder:.

When done, your Finder windows and desktop icons will disappear, and then re-appear after a few moments when the Finder is automatically re-launched. Your Solution. Post solution.

Tips for Deleting Stubborn Files

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