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Swirl frame border. Set of frame border ornament element in vintage style vector. Vintage style vector of frame border and ornament set. Retro frame border vector. Vintage frame border design element set.

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Swirl vintage frame border. Vector set of vintage floral frame element for design.

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Black and white pattern frame border vector. European gorgeous frame vector. Baby photo frame vector. Light frame composed of vector 3. Light frame composed of vector 2. Light frame composed of vector 4. Certificate template elegant seamless symmetric frame retro design.

European frame template symmetric lions sketch. Frame and border design with colorful shaped background. Frame template classic european design elegant symmetric. European frame template elegant dark classical symmetric decor. Frame template flat elegant symmetric classic dark decor. Decorative background vintage symmetric seamless frame circle decor.

Certificate template black white sketch classical seamless border. Border design element vintage. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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I received the following query from Melissa: How do I create page borders that are nice, like ivy leaves or coloured swirly lines? Thanks, Melissa. Select a border that you like with either a coloured or transparent background Full page borders For the full-page borders, substitute your border image for the background image used in this tutorial.

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Borders around specific content I use tables to address this. Tables allow you to use a background image. Change the following: Your image may initially appear squashed in the table, however as you change the width and height of the cells, the the table will resize, stretching your background back into shape.

An example is here: I hope this helps you beautify your documents, Melissa.

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