How to access internet settings on a mac

Thank you for a very helpful and timely article. I was able to get things going initially without security but when I added the 13 character security key nothing could access the internet - they connected to the Airport but nothing else. I followed your instructions and everything is working! I initially had a continuing problem with theTouch, which was docked. I pulled it out of the dock and retried and it was able to connect.

So heads up on docks perhaps. Thank you. I am sharing my pc connection with my MAC which is using an aircard so this worked out perfectly.

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I'm travelling with my Mac laptop and was easily able to connect to the single ethernet cable at the hotel - since they do not offer wireless. But my kid was not able to get her windows PC to connect via the ethernet cable no matter what. I just shared the connection as per this article didn't enable security, since it was just a short-term issue Worked like a charm! Didn't work for me. Thanks anyway. When you use bit just specify the password in hexadecimal. So instead of using the numbers you use 0-f with f being 15 in decimal.

So you would need a 10 digit hex number every hex character is 4-bit like: deadbeef08 or 0a1b2c3d4e.

How To Connect Mac To Internet (WIFI & Ethernet) - 2017

But how to enter a hex value in a Mac's Internet Sharing preferences? Just entering "0a1b2c3d4e" will not tell your Mac is not a plain text password. Some generic notes on entering hexadecimal keys on macosxhint. I don't know about Macs, but I think I'd just get a router that you're supposed to have anyway :o. Thanks Joshua, but this was a temporary problem. I do have a wireless router for my regular ISP. You know, there are some routers that include a USB port.

That should have made the device accessible without going through all the grief you experienced.

Mac won't connect to the internet: What to do | Macworld

There are some situations where this solution will come in handy. For example, when you're traveling and there's only ONE ethernet cable for internet but you have several computers and no router. I'm trying to show how you can set up an internet sharing connection spontaneously without the use of a router. And sharing starting from a Mac, that's great. Thank you for sharing this idea. I'd like to use this for my boss' Mac, he travels a lot and a few friends. Its alright if I post this someplace else on-line? I'm afraid you can't post this elsewhere. All published works are copyrighted.

What you can do is post a link to this article. Jackson I found your post very comprehensive and helpful however still cannot achieve a connection. As you mentioned i can see the mac from windows but cannot connect using a bit WEP. I am therefore using a bit WEP key with 13 characters. Now the PC cannot even see the Mac. When went back into the windows network connection to review the password it seems to have changed to only have 8 characters.

I have tried several different combinations with the same result. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

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Check your Wi-Fi now cross your fingers. Did it do the trick? It has a cache folder of its own. By the way, CleanMyMac X is pretty much an indispensable tool if you want to keep your Mac clean and junk-free. It removes up to 74 GB of junk files on an average Mac, so give it a spin, just in case.

Plug off your router and leave it for a minute or two. Plug your router back in and try to connect other Wi-Fi devices in the room. Additionally, try placing your router in a different place. If your room allows it, move it right in the center of the room.

Empty proxies

Fewer barriers, the better signal. Bluetooth devices often interfere with Wi-Fi, especially if the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Obviously, this step requires an internet connection. Go to Applications Type Airport Utility in the search bar. If you see a red notification badge next to the base name, click it for more details. If the update is available, the app will show you the Update button.

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit and describes the packet size that is exchanged via the network measured in bytes. Step 2. Name it anything you like. Click Done. But before you do this, make sure to copy your current DNS address on a piece of paper. Go to a Hardware tab from the previous step. It might need some basic tidying up and maintenance to run faster.

Disabling proxy settings on a Mac® computer

Try giving it a full clean with a tool like CleanMyMac X it's my favorite among similar Mac tune-up apps — here's the official free download from the developer site. Hopefully, once your Mac is clean and up to speed again, your Wi-Fi should get back to norm. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Igor Degtiarenko.