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Or, if you're into keyboard shortcuts, you can also press F You should now see a box pop up on the right-hand side of your screen titled Styles and Formatting. It should be the fourth option from the left.

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After you've clicked on Page Styles , you should see a screen that looks like the screenshot above. This tells LibreOffice that this header version should only be on the first page of the document. And that's it! Your document is now set up to have a different header on the first page, so go ahead and add your information, knowing that this header will be unique.

It only takes a minute to go through this process now that you see how it works, so be creative and add some individual style to your documents!

Add headers and footers in a page layout document

You may have realized this already, but the steps above are also how you would add a unique footer to the first page All the other steps remain the same. Visit us at COM Library. Email us. Fill Out a form. About COM Library. Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled.

Headers in Pages

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Here is how to do it: Go to the Insert page in Word. Select Blank Header , the first option. Click on Page Number on the top left. Select Top of Page , then Plain Number 1.

The pages will now have the page number on them. Type the title of the paper in all caps.

Different Header/Footer size per page – FrontStream

If it is over fifty characters, use a shortened version of the title. After typing the title, place the cursor immediately to the left of the page number. Press page until the page number is on the right of the page. Select the Different First Page option at the top center. Make sure you are on the first page and repeat steps , but include the words 'Running head:' before entering the title. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments This does not work. Thanks Kevin.

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The instructions have been revised. I put the running head in but it disappears on page Page work - then poof, it's gone! I'm sorry Wendolyn! This is something that we'd need to help you with in the library. Bring in your document and or your device to the library lab and we'll help troubleshoot it for you. Thank you so much. I was having trouble putting a recurring page number but the tittle would disappear.

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Thank you so much! Thank you! Worked like a charm!