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If you're looking for an incredibly simple comic reader that supports both windowed and full-screen comic views, this is your reader.

Comic Book Reader - Apps by Pilcrow for iOS, OS X and tvOS

The app scales your pages to the size of the window when not in full-screen, supports quick look in OS X, so you can peek through the comic before you settle in to read it, automatically saves your place when you stop reading, and more. The app also supports translation and other notes left in the metadata, and is completely open source. The app also supports just about any comic book archive format you can think of, along with ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives. You also get translation notes and text notes, and more. It's also open source, so you can contribute and get involved with the project yourself at its GitHub page.

Those of you who nominated and supported the SimpleComic nomination pointed out that it's a dead simple comic reader for Mac, with an easy to use interface, no bloat or unnecessary features.

Digital Comic Book Reader Programs - Comic Book Collector's Guide #8

You also noted that the QuickLook plugin that lets you peek through the comic before you read it just by pressing the Space bar is an excellent feature, and the fact that the app has been largely functional and feature-strong for the past several years—without the temptation to add adware or bloat to the app—is a great thing. Read more in its nomination thread here.

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MComix is an updated fork of the Comix project, a comic reader that made the top five the last time we looked at the best desktop comic readers. Comix stopped development a few years back, and MComix has been updated with a few new tricks, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

15 Best Comic Book Readers for Mobile Devices

The reader was designed to handle sequential images in a simple interface that works really well for comic books. All of the pages run down the left side of the screen, and a large pane on the right shows you the current page. MComix is lightweight, free, open-source, and gets the job done. Some package managers already include Comix, so installing it may be a terminal command away on your Linux system. Windows users can just fire up the installer and go. MComix was a pretty popular nominee, with a few of you highlighting the fact that it's the natural continuation of one of the best comic readers available, and it's a great image viewer for other types of files and folders as well.

1. YAC Reader

Simple and lightweight, and multifunctional, so you can use it even when you're not reading comics. You can read more in its nomination thread here. The only Chome app in the roundup, Astonishing Comic Reader is actually cross-platform and works just about everywhere Chrome does.

There's also a Windows 8 app , but those of you who nominated Astonishing Comic Reader specifically called out the Chrome app. Astonishing Comic Reader also has an Android app , which also has Chromecast support so you can read your comics on virtually any screen, large or small. Read comic book archive.

Rediscover your old comics books in a new light

Create a comic book from PDF and scanned image files. PDF to comic book. PDF to extracting image files. Very smooth scroll, works with both magic tracker and a mouse and even arrow keys, especially night mode. Surprisingly it saves comic pages unread for later after closing and it even can do a collection of comics you keep reading.

Glad it stays updated. Don't go look for other app aren't perfect than this, worth your money! The Icon Composer function is also a great feature for anyone who is trying to build a collection. No, really — look at it:. You see, these digital comics readers include a very handy feature that can rotate images in 90 degree increments.

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And I own a MacBook. Pressing the space bar to turn the page is pretty easy. So is it too much for me to hope that comic books will be the next addition to iTunes?

5 Best CBR Readers For Mac You Can Use

Maybe so. Do I think that digital comics will kill printed comics? No, not really. Reading those hardcovers has been a lot of fun — but then again, without digital comics, I would never have given that series a chance in the first place.