Airplay mirroring mac to iphone

Click on the AirPlay logo in the top-right corner of the screen, then click on the receiver of your choice.

Once connected you can choose:. Fortunately you can add this functionality with some third-party software. You currently have two good options:.

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Personal experience has led me to believe these software solutions are never quite as good as a genuine Apple TV, but your mileage may vary. Much of the time, problems streaming video or audio wirelessly is due to Wi-Fi congestion. Too many competing Wi-Fi signals, on similar channels to your receiver, can reduce the quality of the signal that reaches the Apple TV. Older devices that feature slower wireless speeds can also struggle.

How to Airplay in iOS 10 - airplay mirroring from iPhone iPad iPod

Options include:. The Apple TV should automatically wake up when it detects a new AirPlay connection, but sometimes clicking the remote and waking it manually can resolve the issue. If the Apple TV has crashed, you can simply pull the cord out of the back and wait 10 seconds, then power it back up. If none of that works, the next step is to restart your source device. That might be your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

How to iOS 13 AirPlay Mirroring from iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/iPad to Mac/PC?

Next try restarting your network equipment. You can also restore your Apple TV to factory settings, which is a final resort for most but worth a try if nothing else works. Read More once the reset completes. The presence of AirPlay signifies that Apple is still serious about cutting the cord. As Wi-Fi performance improves, so too will the speed, quality, and reliability of AirPlay as a protocol. Apple is betting big on other wireless technologies, too. That depends. Bought a Samsung? Relax, this benefits us all.

Read More , and wireless charging added to both the iPhone 8 and X. Who knows what will come next?

AirServer for Mac

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Mirror your device to any computer screen

Ask Question. Is there any free and legal way to do do? Note that I do not have any other apple devices. Ian C. Maybe you want to include in your question, which device you want to record and why you would need the second. And after a quick Google Search, I couldn't find 'X marige', typo? I have edited the question to provide further information.

The Beginner's Guide to Apple AirPlay Mirroring on Mac and iOS

Does it have to be free? Yes, it should be free. Quit QuickTime on your Mac if it is open. Click the Record button and go about your business on your iPhone. Once you're done, click the Stop button and save the video. Mark URL is broken. RafaelGorski Thanks for pointing it out! I just changed it to a link that looks pretty non-broken.

If all you want to do is play, I found you can skip steps 4 and 5. Thanks so much for pointing out this great feature of Quicktime "Player". It also interrupts any Xcode debugging sessions. I use this combination all the time.

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  • Mirroring. What you see on Mac/PC is what you show on iPhone, iPad or iPod.!
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IconDaemon IconDaemon Why the down vote? I've added more precise information about how to use Quicktime Player on the Mac to capture the iDevice output into video. We've been trying to find a free app, but we've had no luck.

Download and install iTools Pro on your Mac. Connect your Mac and iPhone to same network. Click on Airplayer button from iTools's windows. Wait for Airplayer to be downloaded.