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If your document doesn't have an explicit DTD or schema, Goto Specification will take you to the relevant entries in the schema that Xmplify has automatically derived for your document. Xmplify includes a built-in XSLT 1. Previews are automatically kept up to date as you edit your document.

Xmplify XML Editor for Mac OS X

Incremental search with regex support is built-in, and Xmplify makes it easy to run XPath queries and select matching nodes in your document. Xmplify is a bit native Mac app, designed and built from the ground up to leverage the power and elegance of Mac OS X. Current Release Notes. Cutting-Edge Release Notes. Educational Discount available. Defer loading of screencast source. Xmplify Features Xmplify XML Editor is a bit native Mac app built from the ground up for Mac OS X, and provides a number of powerful features to make working with and manipulating XML simple and intuitive: Fully XML-aware editing environment Xmplify analyses your XML as you type, and maintains a rich set of meta-data so it can provide intelligent editing aids and suggestions according to your document's content and the current editing context.

See your document's structure at a glance Xmplify provides an Outline view of your document that shows its structure, and automatically keeps the Outline up to date to reflect the latest edits. Node documentation Xmplify scans for and displays any documentation provided by your documents' XSDs for whatever node you're currently editing, providing you with full details of the current context no matter where you are in your document.

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Automatic Schema derivation If your document doesn't specify a DTD or XML Schema Xmplify automatically derives a schema and seamlessly uses the derived schema for providing intelligent auto-completion suggestions. Navigate quickly to element definitions Xmplify's Goto Specification feature allows you to quickly jump to the location in your document's DTD or XML Schema that defines the elements you're working with. Powerful searching by both XPath and Regular Expressions Incremental search with regex support is built-in, and Xmplify makes it easy to run XPath queries and select matching nodes in your document.

There is also an option to preview code and share your projects with friends. Like collaboration? If yes, this app lets you work together on a project with fun. As it automatically backs up your data to the cloud, your files will remain secure and available across the devices. Whether you want to develop software, take notes or view codes, this can let you carry out your tasks efficiently.

You can preview multiple file formats like PDF, images, docs, and movies. If you have the latest iPad, you can make the best use of Split View and Slide Over features to boost your productivity. Do you code in the night? Use dark mode to enjoy coding in the night without harming your eyes.

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Thanks to the automated HTML tag generator, you can get your work done smoothly. To further simplify your task, the app provides quite a few super handy templates. You can use the custom theme colors to add some unique personalization.


With the help of this app, you will code impressive templates. It also offers the option to adjust the code color and font size. It has a built-in browser to explore the web and find helpful materials. As it supports many file formats including txt, pdf, chm, mp3,m4v,zip, gif, png, you will be able to experiment freely. You can take control of background animation and customize text color to give the ideal shape to your project. Furthermore, you will also share your unique code with your friends and loved ones. Let us know your pick in the comments below.

If you are a beginner who wants to have a grip on web designing, I would recommend you to start with an easy-to-use editor. Just in case you are a pro and willing to carry out your editing work on the great iPad Pro, I would suggest you go for the feature-rich option. Reviews Apps iPad. Dhvanesh Adhiya.

Arbeiten am MAC mit dem Programm Vorschau (PDF)

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