How to install mac os on hp mini

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Posted January 10, Posted January 17, My Father bought his mini yesterday I think i will try to install OS X this ore next weekand. I will post how it runs and so on. Guest darklocust. Posted January 21, Have you tried the X drivers? Edit: I guess it uses X drivers so no go. I was thinking of getting this netbook. Posted January 26, I haven't tried the VGA output on it, so I don't know if that works or not. Posted January 27, Posted January 29, Sorry, I'm not good at English, and if this is useless.

Edit: and need "device-properties" string in com. Posted January 31, Posted February 1, Assuming everything went right, you should land at the OS X installer. First boot: - Boot from the CD as was done under "Booting" above. For wireless: - Get IOFamily. Posted February 3, Thanks again for your tutorial. I appreciate any input. Thanks, J. Here's my guide to installing it on a I was half right, yet half wrong. Follow part 1. At step 8, we branch off. Thanks for the info. I may have to pick up a 16gb usb stick. Posted February 4, Posted February 9, Posted February 14, Posted February 15, But you get what you pay for.

When I first started making hackintoshes I started with netbooks. My first was the HP Mini , which required no hardware modifications to work almost entirely like a real Mac. After that I picked up a variety of other Samsung, Asus, and HP netbooks over the years to try and create the perfect hackintosh netbook.

Most of the time they required some hardware modification, but generally that involved transplanting a Wi-Fi card and not much more. While I still have the last netbook I hackintoshed, and it still works fine, it cannot be updated and it kernel panics more often than it should. I keep it around as a guest computer when people come to visit, and it's great for a little web browsing or typing.

But it's not a real Mac, and it never will be.


Even though hackintoshing laptops and netbooks is often a fool's errand, if you get the right hardware or hardware that's close enough it can be a very fun and challenging project. I see hackintoshing laptops like solving a puzzle where your reward is simply having solved the puzzle.

Technically, in the end, you get a computer—it's just not a very good one. If you decide to make yourself a hackintosh laptop do not expect it to work as well as a Mac and be your primary computer. If Apple drops compatibility for hardware in your laptop or makes changes in the kernel that causes problems you will not be able to update and you very well may not be able to replace the hardware that is now incompatible. You can do this when building a hackintosh desktop , but laptops aren't as flexible. Even the most compatible hardware may become a turd someday. To recap: Your hackintosh laptop will likely be a bit buggy, the hardware won't be as nice, and that same not-as-nice hardware might make it impossible to update OS X someday.

If you're okay with all of this, and the numerous potential problems you may face during the process, read on.

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  • When you're picking a laptop to hackintosh, you need to be sure the hardware is compatible with OS X. You probably know that much already, but how do you find out? First you look at the specifications of certain laptops. I keep getting instant reboot when loading the MacOS install disk using the iBoot supported, how do i fix this problem?

    It sounds as though you may be using the wrong disk image. I have tried using the iBoot supported disk image and i almost succeed for the installation, but Please help me Hi all, I would like to extend to my thanks for this howto.

    HP Mini HD Series. OSX Compatible? - HP / Compaq - InsanelyMac Forum

    I am happy to report that I have completed the install and all seems good. I would like to make one suggestion. The howto instructs us to download the DSDT file and you have kindly provided a link. However no mention was made about renaming the file to DSDT. As such Multibeast fails to install everything properly which borks the installation.

    It took some time for me to discover this. Regardless If you could edit the howto to reflect this minor but important detail it would likely be of help to other Hackintosh NUBES like myself. Spot on Dan. I've updated the instructions to add that crucial step. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. How to connect to LAN. In network assistant setup expect isp all the options are de-highlighted. Please post the solution. Thank you. Just finished install snow leopard Until I update with multibeast with legacy audio, that when my onboard audio stop working.

    You may need to select the proper audio output. Go to the sound preferences and change the output device. Also try different combinations of output jacks. You can try playing a Youtube video or something as you try different jacks, and eventually you should find the right one. It seems like a whole lotta trouble, and you miss out on cool.

    Just buy a Mac. It may be cheaper in the long run you will understand our problem and the time equation, and you will not look like such a Geek. Just thought i would post back, after trying several ways i got it working, but for the fun of it tried E EFI which worked just fine with external drive with out any mods.

    1. Ensure Your PC is Compatible

    I am now running in to the problem that MultiBeast installation is failing and will not finish tried it a couple times already with what you have as options. Did you properly put the installation image onto the USB drive using another Mac? I think it should work fine via USB drive with the installation image, although I haven't tried it.

    For the P55 Gigabyte mobos this would be correct. But for the H55 mobos you do not need a separate video card. I think it is possible to get it working with quite a bit of hacking effort. I attempted to get it to work before giving into using my nVidia card, but had no luck. I don't think Multibeast has support for it, so you're on your own trying to get it to work. I have been looking to get into iPhone development but my not wanting to buy a mac has always been the barrier to entry. Consider it solved!

    Working perfectly now except for hanging during sleep as you indicated. Any chance the SleepEnabler. It's worth a shot. I need to dig a bit deeper into some of the threads that discuss getting sleep to work. I was under the impression that having the DSDT would do the trick, but something is amiss. If you do manage to get it working, please let me know what you did and I'll update the article. Is the following link the correct motherboard as to what you used? That's the one. I tried to get the onboard graphics built into the i3 CPU to work, but didn't have any luck with it. Ok, I found the solution and fortunately, it's pretty simple.

    Just open Finder and Navigate to Hackintosh. Put the Extra folder in the trash. Use the I'm going to update the article accordingly. Thanks for letting me know about the issues with MultiBeast 2. Fortunately, the update makes things even easier now, as there is no needing to update the com. As long as they install it according to the new instructions, shouldn't have any issues.

    I've isolated the problem to the audio driver. I'm working on a solution to get sound working. Until then:. Nope, I did a fresh install as per the guide with the only thing different being the I ordered the exact hardware from the above shopping list and it arrived yesterday. Everything was going smoothly during the OS build except for a couple of things:. Should I select the new I tried several variations of monkeying with it to make it look like the guide says but in all cases the box would simply go into the reboot cycle talked about or simply show the general kernel panic screen.

    You should be able to use the new Give that a shot, and let me know if it works for you. If so, I'll be sure to update the article with instructions for the new You could certainly try it on a laptop. She will likely have to use the USB installation method as described by Lifehacker. This seems like a whole lotta trouble, and you miss out on the cool. In the long run it'll be cheaper if you figure your time and trouble in the equation, and you won't look like such a geek.

    I was about to get the pieces to build it but i realized there is nothing about the wifi. Can we add any wifi card? I'm only using the built-in ethernet, correct. For wireless support, you'll have to find the appropriate kext, depending on what wireless device you're using. Refer to the Often links to the kext files are included. If it's older than when those chips came out, you may not have any luck.

    I'm curious to find out if I can do this to replace Windows entirely. On the subsequent boot after I ran an update, I got a kernel panic. I re-ran the MultiBeast installation and I was once again able to boot from the hard drive without a problem. I would recommend using Time Machine and saving a backup before running any updates. You never know if something may get thrown into an update that would mess things up.

    It is indeed against Apple's End User License Agreement, so in doing this you are in breach of contract. However, since you own a legal copy of the software, there is no copyright legal infringement. Frank Fox of Low End Mac wrote a very good article discussing the legal issues surrounding the Psystar case, as well as the ramifications of individuals building their own Hackintoshes. Thanks for the the kind words Tony.

    How to install Mac OS X on any netbook

    Since I didn't have any luck with that, I resorted to editing via the command line. Talk about being an OS X noob! Your article is great- well written and thought out. Makes the process easy for that specific hardware. Good work my friend.

    Install Mac OS X on HP Mini 1000 series – Hackintosh

    I think you're making it a bit more difficult than it needs to be. All you need to do is drag the file to desktop, open in TextEdit, and make the corrections there. Simple- especially for OS X noobs. One more thing- MultiBeast 2. It works like a charm. Updates work too.

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    • The boot loader has the capability to boot other operating systems, so it should be possible to perform a triple boot with it. Great Hackintosh guide! I would love to use this to dual or triple boot Mac OS X with Ubuntu and Windows 7 but what would the best backup procedure be? It would be a shame to get all three finally working the way you want only to have the huge HD crap out on you.

      It definitely does take time to get things right, depending on your hardware. It also took me a while to find the easiest solution for the boot loader installation, because I kept getting the instant reboot and couldn't figure out what was causing it. I finally tracked down the culprit to be the busratio. It takes a lot of research, tinkering, and patience to get everything just right. Once you do get it right, it's very nice to finally have a working Hackintosh. Weekend project is a great way to describe it. For those in the market for a new computer, it's always nice to know what hardware configurations work and what steps are necessary to get it to work.

      For individuals in that situation, this and similar how-tos can be invaluable.