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Logic Pro X 10.4 release notes

Reason will detect that Pro Tools is running and load up in such a way as to be immediately ready to run as a client. The Reason Hardware Interface module see screen shot will indicate that Reason is in Rewire slave mode. Step 3 : create Rewire inputs in Pro Tools.

Inputs are accessed from RTAS plug-ins inserted in standard audio tracks or aux input tracks. If you have LE, you should definitely use aux input channels, whereas TDM users will need to use record-armed audio tracks. The screen shot left shows an example. The plug-in is named simply Reason and has a pop-up channel selector to pick from the 64 available connections in Reason I've picked channel 3.

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Step 4 : connect something in Reason. If Reason is fired up with the default song, you'll have a mixer module with the main stereo outputs connected to Rewire ports 1 and 2 always labelled Mix L and R. When using Rewire it makes more sense to connect your Reason sound modules directly to the interface module so they are routed directly to individual channels in Pro Tools. Otherwise you'll end up with two mixers to deal with, and lose the advantage of Pro Tools's mix environment and plug-ins.

In the screen shot above you'll see that the Subtractor and Malstrom modules each have their own channels in my Pro Tools Session. The screen shot above will probably tell you most of what you need to know.

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Here, I've created a MIDI track, clicked on the output selector, and by some voodoo all the instruments in the Reason song are presented for selection. The Transport linking and sync are just as clever. As soon as you've made a connection between Pro Tools and Reason, hitting Play in either application will start up both. Sync between the Pro Tools timeline and Reason's sequencer is automatically handled without any messing about with timecode or Beat Clock. In fact I was amazed to see that even the left and right loop locators will follow each other when moved in either program, and looping can be switched on or off from either side.

A quick warning if you're planning to rush out to buy one of the new G5 Macs: if you've got Digidesign PCI cards they may not be compatible — ever.

This includes the lower clock-speed G5 models that don't use the newer PCI standard, as they still don't supply the voltage required by the older cards. Most notable among the incompatible systems is the Digi Hardware Remote. With the release of the Fireface in RME stirred up the FireWire audio market, setting the benchmarks and providing a superior solution with a unique feature set. It is no surprise many customers and testers respect RME as the reference and technology leader for FireWire audio interfaces.

"Prolem detected with audio clock. Check that your clock source and sample rate are correct"

The secret of success: RME is the only manufacturer not to use a third party USB or FireWire audio technology, but an own, self-developed Hammerfall Audio Core with an outstanding performance and uncompromised pro audio features. USB 2. It uses a special customized firmware for every operating system. For the first time the UFX does not have any FireWire chip inside at all - it's completely programmed into the FPGA, under direct control of the RME masterminds, and updated by a simple firmware update - if ever necessary.

This new technology is even compatible to Agere's infamous rev. In search of an exceptional usability experience for the huge feature set, RME integrates a high-resolution colour display into the front panel. In combination with three rotary encoders all important features of the UFX can be manually controlled directly on the UFX itself. TotalMix, connected PC or Mac, is synced to the interface controls and follows all changes automatically.

Smart control. The four keys , the two encoders 1 and 2 , the high-resolution and clear colour display, and a well thought-out menu structure enable the user to quickly change and configure all the device's settings even without a computer. Help notes and clear markers in the display guide the user through all functions. RME's unique jitter suppression technology guarantees perfect sound quality throughout, making the device completely independent from the quality of external clock signals. Due to the highly efficient jitter reduction, the UFX converters operate independently from the quality of the external clock signal, as if they are working with internal clock all the time - guaranteeing a pristine sound quality!

The settings dialog includes a direct choice of the video and audio world's most often used sample rates.

Pro Tools Assertion Error

Intelligent Clock Control not only displays every clock status, but will also retain the last valid input sample rate in case of failure of the external source. It provides a multi-track recorder, calculates the level meters peak and RMS in hardware and is able to analyze and display playback data from any software, no matter which format the software uses. Power supply. The specially developed, internal hi-performance switch mode power supply lets the UFX operate in the range of V to V AC, thus it can be operated all over the world.

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It is short-circuit-proof, has an integrated line-filter, is fully regulated against voltage fluctuations, and suppresses mains interference. Stand Alone Operation with Setup Recall. Using the three rotary encoders and the clear colour display the Fireface UFX can be configured and set up completely at the device.

Additionally internal memory allows for the permanent storage of six different states of the unit. Therefore the Fireface UFX is able to operate fully stand-alone, without any connected computer. In stand-alone operation it can transform into totally different devices by the simple click of a button. Windows and Mac OS X drivers are completely identical in terms of features and functionality. Input: 6. Output: 6. Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

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