Citrix receiver mac cannot connect to server try again in a few minutes

If you wish to download and deploy the client software to allow you to launch your applications, click Download. The user is prompted to save the launch. If the user saves the file and double-clicks it, Citrix opens but then displays an error:. Strangely, the resolution in a few tickets is to reboot the router. After clicking on an application, the user receives the error:. This is simply an informational message stating there are no pre-existing apps to reconnect to. It can be ignored if the user is not having an issue launching applications. After clicking on an application, the user receives one of the following errors:.

There is no route to the specified subnet address. Please try again later.

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Click OK. The registry editor window will open. Click once on MSLicensing so it is highlighted and then hit the Delete key. Close the registry editor and attempt to login to Citrix.

Error: "Cannot connect to server. Try again in a few minutes" on StoreFront

The user receives the following error message in Citrix after entering a username and password at the Novell Client window:. The system could not log you into the network. Make sure your name and connection information are correct, then type your password again. The user is likely trying to connect to the wrong application.

For example, a Chicago user may have clicked on the DC Desktop application. The user receives the following error message in Citrix after successfully authenticating at the Novell Client window:. This issue can be resolved by a Citrix administrator. The administrator can reset the session. Disconnect from Citrix, set the local printer to be the default printer, confirm that the Native Client is the selected Citrix client under Advance Options, and reconnect to Citrix. If the printer is still missing, uninstall and reinstall the Citrix client.

Check the physical printer. It is likely jammed or out of paper. It may also be that the printer is set to accept only certain paper types or sizes. In Citrix, a single print spooler is shared by all connections. A large print job can delay all other jobs, or a stuck job may prevent any other jobs from being processed. After ruling out other causes, contact the Citrix administrator to resolve. Latency is the primary cause of poor performance in Citrix. Latency can be roughly measured by pinging the URL of the login server.

Latency greater than ms will result in lag and other problems. Shortly and sometimes immediately after authenticating at the Novell Client window, the Citrix window will stop responding. Right-click on the MSLicensing key and select Permissions. Under the Security tab, click on Users to highlight it. Check the box in the Allow column next to Full Control. Click OK and close Regedit. Click on the drive to open it. While connected to Citrix, double-click on the Citrix Connection Center icon in the system tray of the local machine.

Disconnect from Citrix. On the local machine, delete the webica. Confirm that the Native client, not the Java client, is in use by clicking on the Advanced Options link on the login screen. Changing the client from Java to Native resolves a good number of connection problems.

The only time the Java client is preferable is when OS X To change the client, at the Citrix web interface login screen, click on the Advanced Options link below the Passcode field. The area below the Advanced Options link will expand. Click on the link Click here to change the selected client.

You may be returned to the Client Selection page. Return to the web interface login page and confirm that the Native Client is listed as the currently selected client under Advanced Options, then log in normally. Most likely XML service Yes despite the login or all servers fully loaded therefore none can launch the application. How many servers in the Farm? Is the web interface on a separate box or on one of the XA servers? Please Help. While connected to the PC, when I hold the shift key, the next letter after the intended one gets Capitalized. This begins right at the login window for Windows XP How can I resolve this?

I tried using different computer, no go. I open the citrix and was able to launch all the apps from Citrix. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! This did the work and I could connect. Now it works like a charm ;-- Hope this helps. But when i try to connect with receiver for mac ver. The server does not support secure HTTPS connections I have configured the receiver with all thinkable variations of adresses, but none give me access to published apps from inside the receiver.

Have I missed something? Things are "sort of" working when I connect from Safari or Firefox. All my suspicions about a buggy Receiver was confirmed after installing Receiver All my problems are gone, everything works as expected. Hi all.

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I understand this is an old topic, but i thought I would add to this as I was havinga similar issue. I tried the usual, restart, check connection settings, unblock popups, re-install citrix receiver.

Symptoms or Error

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I get " Citrix Receiver cannot connect to the server. Check your network connection. Looking forward to a fix. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

Error: "Cannot connect to server. Try again in a few minutes" on StoreFront

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