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Personally, I really do want to see AmigaOS move up the ladder more and gain more modern trimmings. I really want to see it make some kind of headway.

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The OS market is slowly beginning to diversify once again as people discover alternatives to Windows, and AmigaOS, as well as Amiga-like OSes, deserve a chance in the spotlight as well. But with all of these issues at hand that need fixing, that will be a hell of an uphill battle. And from a philosophical standpoint, this is why I personally feel that AmigaOS needs to be open sourced and badly. It's only the logical choice to go with; AROS is open source and benefits from being such.

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Well, you and I work in the tech industry. At least, most of it. While it's usually people pointing out "what's wrong" and very rarely praise, it really helps us make our product better. It's all in how it's delivered. It's the silent users that we fear because we never get to have a dialog and they just walk away. Had we known what was in their head, we might have had a chance to fix some things or look at things in a different way. Granted - we're not going to go chase every single complaint but it's good to know what power users think.

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  • You're a power user if ever there was one. The stuff you're pointing out on Day One seems pretty huge in my opinion. If anything, I'd just try to ping Trevor.

    Not like, "Hey dude this sucks" but more, "I think if these 3 things were addressed, your vision for this product might have some legs. For converting to the Mac, I think this is a bad idea in general.

    Apple Mac G4 and AmigaOS ?

    The last PowerPC based system rolled out in what, ? We're talking aging hardware and no real upgrade path. The slots are out of date, the standards are out of date, etc. Building a new board is a good idea, but make it cheaper. This is part of the problem with MorphOS. They still haven't written drivers for a lot of the Macs, and their userbase will eventually shrink because there is no new hardware to run it on. But the right answer I think is a combo of everything.

    AEON needs to build boards. You just have to convince the other people. I did some reading on Hyperion's website, and posted some of my issues, and what I'm starting to gather is that the drivers for this system aren't really "done" yet and more or less, we're beta testing them. You know what, that's okay.

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    I don't mind giving input in making the system better, as long as they're actively working on it and it seems they are. There's other sound cards available that are supposed to be more stable. I'll check into them because honestly, sound cards are dirt cheap. I noticed there was a I ordered it to give it a shot. Will keep everyone updated. Oh btw Eric.. I will have to take back at least one of my gripes. While I was downloading stuff from the Amiga App Store isn't it weird saying that? I was like.. For that we can thank MorphOS 3.

    With a simple download and a CD-burn, you can turn an aging G4-era Macintosh into a modern day Amiga-compatible machine. Some people do use MorphOS as their daily computing workhorse. In this big world of ours mostly Europe , there still exist pockets of die-hard Amiga users. And unlike some cottage OSes, MorphOS brings with it a large library of very usable software, much like a modern Linux distribution.

    Before any Amigalike magic begins, you need to make sure MorphOS 3. Fortunately, MorphOS runs on a nice variety of Apple-brand machines from the early s. This step is easy.

    Step 2: Download MorphOS ISO and burn it to CD

    A window titled Welcome to MorphOS in the center that shows various 3D-rendered vehicles will greet you, and you will be pleased. Think of it as a test drive. You will find most of the included applications tucked away in the appropriately named Applications folder. Some are also in the Utilities, Tools, and Games folders. Type in macworld. To break free, read the next step.

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    Proceed with caution. A new window will pop up that leads you through the install process. For me, the installation itself was quick and trouble-free. MorphOS asks you to set a few keyboard, mouse, time, and network preferences, and then it politely asks you to wipe out partition your hard drive. After that, the system will set up custom partitions and install the files from the CD.

    You can then reboot into full MorphOS glory.