Stream iphone video camera to mac

I tried the ip address manual fix , the URL fix and nothing worked.

I tried all listed troubleshooting techniques except for trying to call the company on New Years Eve which was not going to help I assure you. I tested my Ipad and Mac and they were both working and Safari was totally usable. I was online and the internet was great. So tell me if there are any other apps out there like this one that actually works…please.

I cannot tell you how bad of a failure I felt after trying to get this Airbeam to work…. When I run Airbeam 1.

Can I view the iPhone's camera (live feed) on my PC or iPad? | MacRumors Forums

This Mac App says that it cannot view the phone's video because the Airbeam software is a different version, and it tells me to upgrade the airbeam software. I can view the video through a browser, but not through this app. So this app is pretty much useless until they fix the bug. The iPhone software seems to be functioning correctly, but this Mac client is not.

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It is frustrating though, because you can SEE the camera, and the motion detection works… you just cannot click to view the camera in normal full sized video display. So just use your browser to view your airbeam cameras. And to be able to do so, even when you don't happen to be on the same network. Right now this does not seem to be very useful unless you are just setting up a baby monitor.


At its simplest you just launch it on two devices, click "camera" one one and 'monitor" on the other. I have yet to get the app to create a steady stream of video without delays, pauses and corruption, but it is effective enough that I use it to re-aim the satellite dish when the horses or weather tweak it off a few degrees.

Point the iPhone at the TV in camera mode and take the iPad outside in monitor mode and I can watch the signal strength while outside adjusting the dish. Given the drain on the battery I can not see using this as a security or long term thing, only for quick little tasks like this. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

How To Mirror iPhone Screen To Mac With Ease

Description AirBeam allows you to watch and hear on your Mac what the cameras of your iPhones, iPods or iPads see and hear. Jun 21, Version 2. There will also be various supported device combinations dictating what combination of capture from what cameras are supported on certain devices. In iOS 13, Apple is introducing what it calls Semantic Segmentation Mattes to identity skin, hair, and teeth and improve these maps further with an API for developers to tap into.

How To Capture Streaming Video In Mac OS X

In its WWDC session, Apple showed the new tech with a demo app that allowed the subject in the photo to be separated from the background and the hair, skin, and teeth to be isolated to easily add effects including face paint and hair color changes pictured above. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. June 7. Jordan Kahn's favorite gear.