Mac os x automator script

For Rename Finder Items, configure how the files are renamed. The files will have added to the end of their name. For example, Photo.

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Enter a name for your action. The name you provide here will appear in the Quick Actions menu. Select some files, activate your Quick Action, and the workflow you created will automatically take place. Quick Actions are really just a new type of Finder workflow. Automator includes many other actions you could use. You could work with other types of files from here, too.

20+ Useful Automator Scripts for Mac OS X

You could use the Finder actions to copy files to a specific folder, use PDF actions to extract individual pages from a PDF document, or use Mail actions to mail selected files. Of course, you could use the Run a Shell Script action to do practically anything—you just have to write a shell script.

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Add Your Actions

Of course, you don't have to use Automator only for complex or advance workflows—sometimes you just want to automate a simple task like opening your favorite apps and documents. You probably have specific work or play environments you use with your Mac. Of course, opening applications and folders is a simple process; a few clicks here, a few clicks there, and you're ready to work. However, because these are tasks you repeat over and over, they're good candidates for a bit of workflow automation.

How to Automate Tasks on Your Mac

This completes the part of the workflow that opens applications and folders. To have your browser open a specific URL when you run your program, continue on with the next step. Repeat these steps for each additional URL you want to open automatically. When you're finished creating your workflow, you can test it to make sure it actually functions correctly.

Because we're creating an application, Automator will issue a warning about how it won't receive input when running inside Automator. You can safely ignore this warning by clicking the OK button. Automator will run the workflow.

Check to be sure that all of the applications opened, as well as any folders you may have included. If you wanted to open your browser to a specific page, make sure the correct page loaded.

Once you've confirmed that the workflow works as expected, you can save it as an application. With the.

1. Batch Rename Multiple Files

APP file created wherever you saved it, just double-click it to run the workflow.