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VMware Workstation 5.

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Creating a Movie of a Virtual Machine You can capture a movie of your activity within a virtual machine. To capture a movie of virtual machine activity 1. A save file dialog box appears.

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Type the filename of the movie file you want to save. The default name is based on the active virtual machine.

VHS-Kassetten digitalisieren – Movavi Video Editor

Select the directory location where you want the movie to be stored. Select High, Medium, or Low quality from the drop-down menu. This choice determines the compression and therefore the file size of the resulting movie.

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  8. If you select Omit frames in which nothing occurs , the movie will only include those periods of time when something is actually happening in the virtual machine. This reduces the file size and length of the movie. You can use hardware acceleartion to speed up encoding and reduce the load on your CPU. If your CPU is not fast enough, the encoding process might take too long.

    To speed up the encoding process, you can use lossless encoding and disable advanced encoder options, e. The encoder should be fast enough on most modern hardware to record without any framedrop, and even leave enough CPU headroom for other applications. If you're going to archive the recording or are concerned about file size, re-encode it losslessly again, but with a slower preset. Note that since the initial recording was lossless, and the re-encode is lossless too, no quality loss is introduced in this process in any way. Powered by Trac 1.

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