Resizing windows on mac os x

Maximize a window: Press and hold the Option key while you click the green maximize button in the top-left corner of an app window.

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To return to the previous window size, Option-click the button again. Minimize a window: Click the yellow minimize button in the top-left corner of the window, or press Command-M. You can set an option in Dock preferences to have a window minimize when you double-click its title bar. Most windows can be manually resized. Scroll through all open apps: Press and hold the Command key, press the Tab key, then press the Left or Right arrow key until you get to the app you want.

Release the Command key. In a window on your Mac, click the red close button in the top-left corner of the window, or press Command-W. If an app can have multiple windows open, such as Safari or Mail, closing a window does not close or quit the app. See Quit apps. You can use Mission Control to quickly arrange open windows and spaces in a single layer to easily spot the one you need.

My final solution was to make the resolution small, then maximize the window with the green button, then change the resolution, then un-maximize it. I have an mac Mini with a NEC monitor. I have tried green button, Zoom, apple and the minus sign — nothing reduces the size of the window or gets all the material in on the screen into the window.

Did you find a solution for this? I just bought a new Mac Mini and the dock and all menu bar items are stretched off the screen. I can not find a solution yet. Any luck for you?

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This worked for me. Is there a fix for that? Thank you! You are my hero. A five-year-old post, and you posted the simplest solution just this year. I was about ready to lose my mind. Hold Control key down and pull Scroll wheel of mouse down towards you to bring screen down to the way the screen should be.

The former method of resizing a screen, grabbing corners with the mouse and moving them, does nothing for me, except occasionally and at random it expands the window to full screen. In OS X To bring off screen elements of a window back on screen in photoshop I double click on the bar at the top of the window and it will shrink the window to show the complete window. Hot Dog! Now to be able to actually work!!! Been looking for that for a while now…Thx for your help! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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Mac Tip - Resize Window to a Specific Size with this AppleScript

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How to Resize a Window That is Too Big or Off Screen in Mac OS

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