You have entered an invalid primary dns name mac server

Anything below that is a subdomain or a host.

Setting up OSX 10.8 server and get an error - invalid DNS name, help?

Subdomain names can be layered to a total depth of , in case you happen to be crazy. Or vice versa. The data lives primarily on the primary name server, which for redundancy and robustness is backed up to a secondary name server automatically at regular intervals. There are a number of different kinds of DNS records, each suited to a specific kind of data.

The records below are in the standard format used by BIND, the most common name server software. Djbdns, an alternative package, uses a somewhat different format. SOA Start Of Authority records indicate the extent of the zone for which the name server is authoritative. They also contain information about how frequently they should be checked for updated information.

An SOA record might look like this:. The first line indicates first the zone, then the type of record — Internet SOA — then the primary name server for the zone, and then a contact address for the zone. Note that the email address uses a period dot in place of the , and that all of these domain names must end with a dot. On the next line is the serial number, which can be anything as long as it increased each time the record is updated.

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The serial number I use above consists of the year, the month, the day, and the number of changes 01 made so far today. In the record above, these are set to 24 hours, 2 hours, 4 weeks, and 4 days respectively. The real data, the reason we have name servers in the first place, is largely contained in A Address records. This is where the name-to-number mappings are kept:. A machine has one true, or canonical name, as well as an unlimited number of aliases:.

PTR records are not stored in the main zone database for mydomain. There is a special domain set aside for reverse lookups:in-addr.

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PTR records reference addresses with respect to this zone. These address the handling of email. Each record specifies a machine that should handle the mail for a given domain. When multiple mail exchangers are listed for a given domain, they can be given rankings in order of preference. There are abbreviated forms and shortcuts that you can use to save on typing and download times, but those are a little less transparent to the eye than the long forms.

It searches your computer's network interfaces until it finds the one that is connected to the Internet. You might experience a delay while your computer determines which network it's on. To determine whether this is the issue, you can test by creating a location that contains only one network interface. If the address is dimmed, it can't be removed. Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Non-responsive DNS server or invalid DNS configuration can cause long delay before webpages load If your webpages aren't loading as quickly as expected, it might be related to your DNS configuration.

How to configure DNS on a Mac

Here are four scenarios in which the symptom could occur: You have specified two or more DNS servers in the Network preference pane, possibly at the direction of a network administrator or your ISP Internet Service Provicer , but the first server on the list is incorrect or not responding. The delay occurs while your Mac waits for the first server to respond, before it tries the next DNS server in your list.

Make sure the DNS addresses are entered correctly. Changing the order of DNS addresses might improve performance. If your network administrator prefers that the primary server be used, you can change back to the original order after the issue is resolved with the primary server.

What Is the Difference Between a Preferred DNS Server & an Alternate DNS Server? |

Every networked computer uses a complex system of addresses and protocols to communicate. There are times when these services fail, and it might be appropriate to consider a preferred and alternate name resolution configuration. Beware though, because you must have a basic understanding of how this works to avoid configuration errors.

A domain name system handles the process where host names are mapped to IP addresses through a network service called a domain name server. Each network device, such as a computer, printer or server, has a host name or alias that needs to be assigned a number for communication.

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  • To be connected online, a host name has to be mapped to an IP address. This is the primary way you can type in a domain name and be able to connect with that specific system rather than trying to remember a numerical address.

    Windows DNS Server Address Settings

    The preferred DNS is a specified primary choice to handle Internet protocol mapping.