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We do not have updated drivers for the application to open the file. We install all the drivers that are needed to run the application that supports the GWI file. Very important! Before you make any manual changes to the Windows Registry, make its copy earlier. With manual operations it is not difficult to make a mistake, and the changes are irreversible. Therefore, it is good to have a backup.

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Remember that the website is not liable for any damages that may arise during the use of the information given. If you are not sure that you can do these things, ask an expert for help. How to do this? In some situations, the user himself has to create a new registry entry, and type in the appropriate value. This method can be used to associate a file type with an existing application.

Then locate the ProgID of the application in the registry. To associate the GWI file type with the new application, you must define the ProgID for a particular application and if you want to get information on defining a new ProgID, you should see the program identifiers. To make it easier, here is an example: We assume that we want a file type with a short extension. GWI and a long extension. GWI-file was opened using MyApplication. You should therefore use the syntax creating in the registry a short extension. GWI and a subkey for the long extension.

GWI-file in the following way:. Have you ever got a file that you could not open? Probably the situation was that it had an extension not used before on your computer, e. Such a situation could also take place with other extensions, but it always ended the same - giving you a headache when determining which program should be used to properly open the file. Typically, Windows has the appropriate software to open the GWI file or just preview its contents.

Often, however, there is no such software, and then we need to identify what kind of file it is, and download the appropriate software to support it. Many people have no idea where to start. The simplest solution is to visit our website and search for the appropriate extensions in our database. How to open file with GWI extension? GroupWise Database Shortcut File.

GWI file extension Associating the GWI file with the installed software At the first start of the GWI file, after installing a new application from the list above, the operating system should automatically associate our GWI file with the installed program. Therefore, it is necessary to: Right-click the GWI file that we want to open, then clicking the option "Open with" Then go to the "Choose default program" and we look for the path where our new application has been installed in most cases it is the "Program Files" directory on drive C: at our computer and then the folder with the name of the installed program Confirm by pressing the OK button When you do this, the operating system should automatically associate our GWI extension with the new application.

If for some reason this operation could not be performed in the manner indicated, see how to add association manually in the Windows Registry Possible problems with the GWI file Typical error of the GWI extension is shown by an error message when you try to open or read a file with extension that is not compatible with the programs installed on your computer.

It is important to react quickly and fix errors that may be caused by the following problems: The file may be corrupt In this case, the solution may be to find another copy of the GWI file, to ask for another copy of it if you got it from another person , or to try to download it again from the internet. Manual entry of the file type to the Windows Registry Very important! MyApplication ProgramVendor. Audio Files. Backup Files. CAD Files. Compressed Files.

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Data Files. Database Files. Developer Files. Disk Image Files. Encoded Files. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks for your help.

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Hi, Thank you for contacting Stellar Data Recovery. We would like to inform you that we have sent an email to your email address. Please reply to the same email for further assistance. Regards, Naveen.

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I ran the data recovery and it says it found GB of data, but don't see any file extensions I'm looking for, IE. Regards, Stellar Data Recovery. Hi, the recovery found a lot of files but they are all in extensions I don't recognize, like flc, arj.

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Can you help? FLC files that it has recovered but I cannot open. Could you help me please? I have the same issue as others. Deleted photos in my camera.

Downloaded Stellar. Only got a large number of.

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