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Instead, authentication gets handled by the individuals Apple ID, and a separate password is set to allow that Apple ID to share files and folders on your Mac. Additionally, it can be an easy way to allow a user with an already existing Apple ID and iCloud login to get quick network access to the Mac. With that set up the user can now connect to the specified shared directory using only their Apple ID, they do not have an actual user account on the Mac and they could not log into it for purposes other than file sharing. The login procedure using an approved Address Book entry is the same as connecting to any other shared Mac, just remind the connecting user their password will be different.

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This will even work for someone connecting to a shared Mac from a PC , the only requirement is a valid Apple ID, either from iTunes, the App Store, or from elsewhere in the Apple ecosystem. Remember, the Apple ID is the same login as that which gains access to the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, and much more, serving as the general gateway login to your Apple experience.

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How do you reverse this procedure? Now whenever I connect to the server with AFP or SMB is always connects with my apple ID not my username and I have had nothing but major permissions problems with this optional way to logon to a network share. I called Apple and they have no idea how to disassociate and apple ID with a network share. Please help!!! Did you ever get that figured out? Since upgrading to High Sierra, we can only connect to a server using the Apple ID, even if we try to connect as a registered user.

If only somebody had mentioned that since Yosemite, Apple automatically delegates trust to file shares for the entire system to your iCloud account when it is set up, so that any device logged into the same iCloud account with admin privileges has admin access to all other Macs logged into that same account!

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A neat trick, to be sure, unless you intend that file sharing should not involve or trust Apple, but exclusively your user credentials. Thankfully, you can fix it.

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Right-click your user account, and choose Advanced Options. Delete all of the aliases do not delete the iCloud account, only the aliases, unless you want to log out of iCloud. Great to know, but fortunately nearly everyone I share with has Lion so we can just use AirDrop :.

This provides one-time access to literally anyone for quick file sharing.

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