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If you are running Mac OS X Java Mac OS X Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents Using office documents on older operating systems is becoming harder and harder.

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If possible you are better to move away from proprietary Microsoft office document formats to more standard formats for text, spreadsheet and presentation documents and use up-to-date compatible software - see links below. Alternatively you copuld consider using an online office equivalent with an up-to-date browser.

X including v. What are the current, supported versions of macOS? A QuickTime movie and use a media player application. Updates can be downloaded manually via the Adobe FTP web site you can navigate it and download from it using a normal web browser - see links above. Web Browsers There are plenty of old browsers you can install but we do not advocate the use of them on the modern internet. Go to the disabling Java SE v6 instructions below. If you have a Java preference pane and the Java Control Panel opens separately go to the "Security" tab in the control panel.

If there is no Security tab you have an old version of Java SE v7 installed - update Java SE v7 first, then come back to these instructions. Set the 'Security Level' slider to "Very High". If you don't use Java untick "Enable Java content in the Browser". Now go to the 'Update' tab and tick "Check for Updates Automatically".

Now go to the 'General' tab, click "Settings…" under 'Temporary Internet Files' and untick "Keep temporary files on my computer" and click "Delete Files…". Click "OK".

GitHub - wicknix/Arctic-Fox: Web Browser for Mac OS X + and PowerPC Linux

You are now also recommended to switch off Java in your web browsers. Would you like to install one now?

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Make sure no Java versions are ticked under "On". Dbl click on the file and it should put up both a disk drive looking image and a pop up installation window. Drag the Firefox Application icon into the Application folder shortcut icon in the same install window.

Dbl click to Install the Mac OS version if there is one listed in the archive file might be a.

Tabbed Browsing in Safari. Mac OS X 10.6 Tutorial

Dbl click on this and begin the install procedure from the brownish red Adobe install folder that appears. May 12, AM. Page content loaded. May 26, PM in response to frankfrompatchogue In response to frankfrompatchogue.

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As I mentioned in a separate thread, the current versions of Adobe Flash Player are still compatible with Snow Leopard. The installer for Chrome currently version For a web browser, in addition for Firefox ESR 45 you can also use Google Chrome 47 , which was released in and isn't that old. It is also the last version that didn't have the annoying yellow nag bar "This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Mac OS X May 26, PM. May 27, AM in response to sdfox7 In response to sdfox7. May 27, AM. Jun 19, PM in response to frankfrompatchogue In response to frankfrompatchogue.

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There is also a special fork of Pale Moon for Snow Leopard It is called New Moon. I've used it myself and it is a fantastic browser. The current version is The current version for XP is The name "New Moon" was chosen because the Pale Moon developers wanted a different name to symbolize to users that they no longer officially supported Windows XP or Snow Leopard.

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